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10 COMPUTER PORTS, images and their functions

Theports of the computer These are the connection spaces of the equipment where a connection can be established with peripherals, external devices or other parts of the computer that are necessary.

What is a (computer) port

A port It is an interface through which different types of data are received and sent. That interface referred to can be physical (hardware) or logical level (software), where in the latter case it will be referred to as logical port.

In short, a port in computer science they are those connectors that can be identified in a laptop or in the tower of a desktop computer where it is possible that all kinds of external sources are connected. Thanks to the above it is possible to connect sound devices, video, Audio, USB, serial, parallel, among others.

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How many ports does a computer have?

The total number of ports on a computer will depend on cabinet and of the needs of each user. That is, there are computers where you can include more than 4 USB ports to connect devices under this mode, while in others it may be a single port. In conclusion, although there is a certain type of ports that s are necessary The total number of them will vary.

Computer ports with functions

USB ports They are also known as Universal Serial Bus and have the ability to allow the connection of various types of peripherals to the computer such as the keyboard, speakers, mouse, among others. These USB ports can also be used as Fpower supply for a certain class of devices, that is, to charge cameras, phones, etc.

USB ports

Ethernet / Internet / RJ45 ports It is a port that is used exclusively for the connection of the cable that comes from the modem and through which internet connection will be available. In certain cases the equipment has a plate with WIFI antenna But if this is not the case, the cable connection is necessary.

Ethernet port

PS2 ports Few computers currently use this kind of ports. Simply put they are a type of connector for the keyboard and the mouse. Although it goes without saying, the keyboard or mouse will have to have a PS2 connector in this type of cases.

PS2 ports

Serial port It is used for the connection of peripherals that are external to the computer, but currently it is not implemented because it only allows transfers to be made one bit at a time.

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Serial port

VGA ports It is a port that is used to connect the monitor directly to the motherboard or motherboard of the computer, so that it is possible to show in the screen what is happening on the computer in a graphic way. Thanks to recent technologies, old monitors were replaced and the reality is that the VGA port is almost obsolete, being replaced by HDMI technology.

VGA ports

HDMI port It corresponds to the acronym of High Definition Multimedia Interface and it is a port through which the screen connects to the computer. One of the most important features is that it allows high definition video (1080p or more) to be transmitted. The connection is made with the video card of the PC. One of its advantages is that it not only carries video, but also supports audio.

HDMI port