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With Gourmia you can eat delicious at home without having to cook

We all like to eat, but cooking is another story. And as paradoxical as it may be, not everyone who likes good food enjoys cooking.

There are many options in the market that promise to facilitate the task of cooking in a short time and easily, but it is difficult to have a good taste. And that is precisely what Gourmia intends to change.

During the International Home + Housewares Show that took place earlier this week in Chicago, we had the opportunity to speak with representatives of Gourmia, a brand of kitchen accessories that is incorporating new models into its market.



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The Robotic Cooker (also known by the company as GWMF 2650) is a robot that roasts and cooks food. It has 10 different functions incorporated. You can cook from a chicken to a cake. In addition to incorporating 20 kitchen settings, it comes with an option to configure it manually.

But it also has an application that connects to the machine over Wi-Fi and helps you see the progress of your food in the kitchen. You usually have to duck in the oven and check that it will not burn. Well, with this machine you can see what is happening inside the device through an application available for iOS and Android.

But ah, the innovations of Gourmia do not end. A new product called Gourmagic to be launched this summer, it means you don't have to do anything while your food is cooking. You will not even have to check if you are cooking well.

It is similar to the device that came out several years ago to make bread. The difference is that it can do much more than bread and comes with a built-in screen.

What you have to do is turn on the device and look for the recipe you want to make on the screen. Currently the system has 15 recipes, but the representatives of Gourmia tell us that they are working on adding more.

The idea is also to create a community around this experience in which users collaborate and help us create new recipes.

Once you select what you want to cook, the device will tell you how it makes the recipe step by step. It comes with an application that sends you notifications about the cooking process. One of the advantages is that it comes with a built-in scale in which you can weigh the food.

The robot with a camera costs $ 120 dollars at Amazon. We do not know how much to cost the Gourmagic, because the device is still under development and testing to be launched in the summer.

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