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What will bring us the next update of Windows 10: the most interesting news


What will bring us the next update of Windows 10: the most interesting news

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June 15, 2018

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Although the last great Windows 10 update, that of april 2018, is still quite recent, we already have our sights set on the next and with a few previews already in circulation, we have had occasion to discover enough of the news That we can expect to bring us. We review the most interesting.


This is probably the novelty that will most impact our daily use of Windows 10, since it will allow us to combine all apps that we want together with the tabs that we have open in Edge in a single window, so that jumping from one to another will become a much more agile process: when we click to open a new tab we can choose between going to a web page or opening an app, and we can save the combinations that Let's do to use them again later.

windows 10 redstone 5

Cloud clipboard

This may seem a novelty not too relevant, but it sure is one of those that we will also end up giving a lot of use on a daily basis, taking into account that the ?copy? and ?paste? functions are the ones we end up repeating daily a million times : Cloud clipboard, as its name implies, is a clipboard in the cloud, which not only allows us to paste what we have copied to other devices, but also at other times, allowing us to do it through a history, in which we can also fix what we use more frequently to have it more accessible.

News for catches

Especially if we work or study with the PC or tablet (although certainly not only), surely we often find ourselves doing catches and this is another function that will improve a lot with the next update: by pressing ALT + Shift + S we can do them faster and access new selection options and we will pass through a notification directly to Screen Sketch, which is now an independent app, with more possibilities also for editing and to share them more easily.

Dark mode for file browser

Although we already have a dark mode in Windows 10, there are still a few gaps left to fill and the next update will take care of doing so with one of the most notable: the File Browser. It is a novelty that will probably go unnoticed by the majority, but fans of the dark mode that are many, surely they will be glad (this is a small section in which Microsoft is well ahead of Apple and Google).


Cortana's integration with the searches It is something that has received a lot of criticism from many users and it seems that Microsoft finally he has given in to the pressure and has put his personal assistant in the background, although he will still have enough presence: now we will have several search options (apps, documents, web) at the top and below the suggestions, in a space in general wider, which will allow us to use this function more comfortably and showing more results at a glance.


This is one of the most recent discovered novelties, appeared in a preview released this week, and it will be especially interesting in addition to tablets, which are the devices in which we will most frequently use the virtual keyboard (Although it is true that even these are used quite often with a physical one): will be incorporated into Windows 10 Swiftkey, one of the most popular iOS and Android keyboards and one of the most effective when it comes to learning from our habits to help us type faster.

?Windows 10 S? mode

Windows 10 S he didn't have the success he probably would have liked Microsoft and we had been seeing for a while that he was looking for a way to relocate it to make it more effective and it seems that, as predicted, he has found a way to do it by making it a optional mode for Windows 10, something that has been seen that is already a real possibility in one of the latest previews. A very interesting novelty for devices with a more limited hardware, to have the option to maximize their performance but without having to completely give up the capabilities of the full version.

Windows vs Android and iPad tablets: 5 pending subjects of Windows 10

Windows vs Android and iPad tablets: 5 pending subjects of Windows 10

Waiting to discover other news before its launch in autumn

The update that will bring us these novelties and many other small changes and bug fixes and errors, and that for the moment we know as Redstone 5 (has no official name yet), is expected for fall (We will have to wait to know exactly when and, as always, we must keep in mind that it is normal for delays), in any case, which means that we still have a few months ahead of us in which previews will continue to arrive and surely we we will still find in them with some other interesting new function, so we will review later so that you do not miss anything.