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Warning message when using a non-original screen on iPhone 11

It would simply be about a warning for the technical service responsible for repairing the screen, but that message is there to report it, in no case can it pose a problem in the operation of the iPhone or affect its functions.

Logically now those responsible for repairing one of these screens in Apple's SAT or one authorized by the company If this screen is the original or it is not. This maneuver allows Apple to ensure that only certified, qualified and specialized technicians perform this type of repairs.

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Last year notice for the batteries and this year the screens are added

The warning that appears this year on the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, when an unofficial screen is placed is similar to what we saw last year with the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. What they warned from Apple is that the battery was not the original of the company and in this case we talk about the screen although the report indicates that the warning about unofficial battery changes are also added in these new devices.

This is an increasingly common practice in Apple with internal components and is that sometimes we do not really look at the prices they have at Apple or services authorized to change a battery or a screen and go to the first store that we are Cross on the road. This can have negative consequences both on the experience of using the iPhone itself and on security, so it is always advisable to ask Apple or SAT officially before and if it does not satisfy us or the price is too high, then it is already a decision of each one… What is clear is that with the new Apple program that involves third-party repair companies providing the original parts, tools and resources necessary to repair our devices, users are winning and Looking for other forms of repair can be counterproductive.

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