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Video Edition – The best computers of 2018

You may have captured the footage of your life, but if you don't have a decent computer for video editing, you can't make your footage look the way you want. Fortunately, that's where we can help you. In this guide, find our selections of the best computers for video editing, in a variety of different prices to meet your needs.

Why choose a desktop computer instead of laptops for video editing?

Well, assuming you have a permanent basis for it, you benefit from better specifications for less money. In addition, being able to work on a larger screen allows you to choose detailed details more easily and see how your movie will look on a larger screen.

In addition to highlighting our best options of the best Windows computers for PC and Mac for video editing here, we will also cover it if you have a tight budget. Read on to get the best computers for video editing?

Video editing

1 – Apple iMac Pro

The best computer for video editing for professionals with large budgets.

Screen:27-inch 5K retina |Processor:8-, 10- or 18-Core |Turbo Boost:up to 4.5 GHz |Memory:32 GB |Storage:1TB |Graphics:Vega GPU |Size ::(h) 51.6cm x (w) 65.0cm |Weight:9.7 kg |Connections:10 Gb Ethernet, four Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports, four USB 3 ports, SDXC card slot


  • Incredibly powerful
  • Superior graphics


We know it's incredibly expensive, but the new one Apple's iMac Pro He is the new father of computers for designers: If you have money, this is the best option for video editing Currently in the market.(If you are looking for a more affordable model, try the excellent iMac in number four, below).

So, What do you get for your money?First, there is the 27-inch 5K resolution, that It's 43% brighter than Apple's standard Retina monitors and offers even amazing ones one billion colors.There aren't too many screens around that will flatter your footage more.

Starting with a processor 8-core Intel Xeon, the option of iMac Pro Less expensive is already immensely powerful, with a scandalous option of 18 cores for those who can afford it. 1TB to 4TB of internal SSD storage It means that you can store tons of 4K material before you have to think about additional external units.

And it's not short on ports, either, with four ports Thunderbolt 3.0 and a port ethernet from 10 GbpsIn addition, of course, you will also get the benefit of the formidable Final Cut Pro X platform editing software.

Video editing

2 ?HP Z2 Mini G3

The best Windows computer for video editing

Processor:Intel Core i3 – i7 / Xeon |Graphics:Intel HD Graphics P630 |RAM:32 GB |Storage:256GB – 1TB SSD


  • Exceptional speed
  • Compact design


Don't let the name fool you, the HP Z2 Mini G3 It may seem tiny on the outside, but The specifications of this Windows computer make it an absolute giant inside.Thanks to its processor Quadro GPU and Xeon, the G3 can feed up to four4K monitors through your DisplayPorts.