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Twitter closes 259 spam accounts of the Popular Party

Twitter, and social networks in general, are key in modern election campaigns, which poses a risk of manipulation by politicians, parties and other organizations. Twitter tries to avoid it, and has closed 259 accounts of the Popular Party to do spam on the platform

It is not uncommon for politicians (Spanish and other countries) to create fake users to support their ideas and give them diffusion. But s it is striking that Twitter include Spain in its transparency report on state operations, along with non-democratic governments such as China or Saudi Arabia.

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According to Twitter, the Popular Party accounts were identified and closed in a short time, and were dedicated to make retweets and spread ideas related to your interests, a kind of political spam.

On the other hand, too Facebook closed 65 accounts of the Popular Party by spam, and others Instagram 35, thanks to the information provided from Twitter. Administrators had spent $ 1,275 to expand their reach.

While it is difficult to affirm strongly whether this spam is the direct responsibility of the Popular Party as an organization, of sympathizers or political rivals, the Twitter investigation found links with people close to the PP, and so close the accounts.

The objective of the spam of the Popular Party was the elections of April 28 and, more than simple accounts created automatically, respond to false but credible identities, and acted less suspiciously than a bot (automatic account).

Other Spanish parties, from Podemos to Ciudadanos, have also been accused of spamming Twitter. The limited number of closed profiles suggests that the subject has been thoroughly investigated, since it will not be difficult to locate many examples suspected of manipulating public opinion by politicians.

Anyway, and although this measure by Twitter supposes a discredit for Spanish democracy, we must not forget that the political and government manipulation is a global problem, and even Donald Trump made use of it in the campaign that led him to preside over the United States.

This closure of 259 spam accounts, that since Twitter have linked to Popular Party, is a clear indication that social networks will be key in the campaign for the November 10 elections.

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What do you think of the decision of Twitter? Do you think the profiles were operated by the Popular Party directly, or by a third party with some interest in this regard?