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Triloga Arkham and Batman Lego

It's Sunday afternoon, and you're probably already sighing around the corners. Monday is just around the corner, it's time to go back to work … And yes, we tried to cheer you up a bit with the best free games that you can download on your mobile without going through the box. Do not you think enough? Well, what do you think if we tell you that you can download Batman for free …

Yes, you read well. Epic Games has decided to throw the house through the window, offering you the possibility to enjoy the best saga based on the Dark Knight's stories to have a few hours of fun. And, the company behind the development of the acclaimed Battle Royale Fortnite, is offering us the possibility to download the Batman Arkham triloga.

Don't you think it's enough to be able to download Batman for free without having to checkout? Well, if you feel like enjoying a much less sinister and more fun triloga, the Epic Games guys will also allow you to download the Batman Lego saga so you can enjoy these tall titles like never before.

Batman Arkham and Batman Lego for free

What does it take to download Batman for free?

Another of the great advantages of being able to download Batman for free, is that you can enjoy these six titles even if you don't have the most powerful gaming computer on the market. And, the technical requirements of these games are not excessively high, so the trilogue of Batman Lego and at least Batman Arkham Asylum will work perfectly on your computer.

The only requirement to enjoy this offer to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Batman, you just need to sign up for Epic Games. If you already play Fortnite, the process will be simpler. If not, go to the website of the developer of these games and get an account.

The best thing is that, to register, you can associate your Gmail, Facebook, Xbox, Playstation Network or Nintendo Switch account to avoid having to fill out a form. Now, you just need to go to News and download Batman Free. It will be added to your library for free and the only thing you will have to do to enjoy these six games based on the adventures of the dark knight, be to install them on your computer.

That's right, keep in mind that this offer for download Batman for free It is for a limited time: try until next Friday, September 27 to take advantage of this bargain. Do not miss it!