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the popular go-karts come to Android

Mario Kart Tour menu load

Mario, Luigi, Toad and friends they have accompanied fans of the beloved kart saga for many years on Nintendo consoles, such as Switch, SNES or the popular Nintendo 64, among other. However, these iconic characters get on their vehicles now to land on mobile devices around the world. Mario Kart Tour Now you can download completely free for Android and in Andro4all we take days without taking off the screen of our terminals, living exciting kart racing.

Mario Kart Tour has become one of the most anticipated video games, although it has had to speak due to its playability. This is a free title that has 13 retro tracks of the saga and with many characters available. Of course, it should be noted that, despite not having to pay for its download, there are abundant micropayments but they are totally cosmetic, with which users can get characters, vehicles or wings.

There is a lot of expectation to see how Nintendo adapted the classic playability of the Mario Kart saga to mobile devices. The objective of the company was none other than to launch a game of the kart saga that could be enjoyed on any smart phone with one hand, so it is played completely vertically. The first contact with Mario Kart Tour was not really good, since its playability and controls were confusing, not intuitive And somewhat disappointing. To move the character you just have to drag a finger to the left or right to maneuver, as it accelerates automatically.

Some intuitive and inaccurate controls

It is clear that the negative point of Mario Kart Tour, and that everyone talks about, are its controls. They are confusing, it is difficult to master them and, in my opinion, they are really improvable. The more times you compete in the different races of the game, little by little one gets used to these controls. There is no doubt that if Nintendo had opted to play the title horizontally and with virtual controlsMario Kart Tour will be a success. But that is not the idea of ??the Japanese firm, who want the players play with one hand and in any place.

The gameplay and controls are the weakest point of Mario Kart Tour, the new and powerful title of the Nintendo kart saga.

After much practice one ends up adapting to this new way of playing Mario Kart, so from that moment the experience is totally pleasant. And maybe there lies the mentality of this new game, in offering a totally different experience to the already seen in the franchise. Also, in this installment the most important thing is not to reach the goal first, but achieve as many points as possible. Some points that are obtained depending on the position of arrival and collecting coins, making jumps, throwing items and other types of maneuvers to obtain a high score.

It should be noted that the game has a well-maintained visual and sound section, and that it has a large number of micropayments, it even has its own available Golden Pass with which to unlock 200cc mode, but you can play completely without spending a euro. Nintendo wanted to offer a mix of classic tracks with new ones based on real cities, like New York. Here lies one of the main novelties of the saga, since it is the first time that tracks based on real locations are created. As for the figures of the game, for now there is a total of 20 pilots and 19 vehicles available.

A great variety of Cups and punctuation as the main objective

Mario Kart Tour Donkey Kong

Mario Kart Tour has a great variety of Cups, composed of three races and a special event – totally different in each Cup – and that will be unlocked as you compete. The objective of the races is, in addition to finishing first, to achieve the highest possible score and obtain the five stars available in each circuit. With these stars the Cups are unlocked, in addition to several awards, such as new pilots, hang wings or vehicles.

The new game in the series does not reward the ability of users, but do not stop playing to get the best cars or drivers. And he achieves it, since, once the controls are dominated, the races continue to be as exciting and as frenzied as in the other installments of Mario Kart. In addition, with the game coins obtained you can purchase different items in the store of the title; even every week there is a pipe event with which you can get special characters and vehicles.

Mario Kart Tour, in the absence of adding more content, is a game with a very promising future, which maintains the essence of the saga and offers great performance on mobile devices, but which has somewhat inaccurate and intuitive control. However, once you get used to it, the game offers a pleasant and addictive experience for both novice and experienced players. Micropayments are abundant but nothing necessary to enjoy the exciting careers proposed by the title.

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