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The iPhone 11 Pro Max has the best screen on the market

All the analyzes of the new iPhone highlight the camera and the battery as the great improvements of these models that Apple has just launched, but we cannot forget that an element as fundamental as the screen has also had important improvements, so many that it has been rated by DisplayMate as the best screen on the market.

A higher brightness, better lateral vision, an improved efficiency that translates into greater autonomy, practically perfect color accuracy and less screen reflections mean that the screen is objectively better than that of the "old" iPhone XS Max, and unseat the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ that occupied this privileged position so far.

The screen is a fundamental element in a smartphone, as reflected by the fact that it occupies practically the entire front surface of it. Enjoying your multimedia content, games or reading text are a good part of the actions we take with our smartphone, and depend directly on the quality of your screen. The problem is that we have reached a level where the screens are so good, that it is often difficult to appreciate some of the improvements. However, as this happens, It is increasingly difficult to improve them, hence the merit that the iPhone, year after year, has a better screen. Also, let's not forget that the screen is responsible for the majority of battery consumption when we use our phone, hence its efficiency is key.

The key points that Display Mate mentions in its analysis are the following:

  • The resolution of the iPhone 11 Pro Max reaches 2.7K FullHD + with 458ppp. It is useless to increase the resolution of a smartphone from this level, and 4K screens on these devices are a mere commercial strategy which has no impact on how the human eye sees it.
  • The screen of these new iPhone has an automatic color management system that selects at all times the most appropriate color range depending on the content that is being displayed, that's why the images always appear in the correct color, neither over saturated nor quite the opposite. This is a feature that other manufacturers should incorporate into their devices.
  • The iPhone 11 Pro Max screen is factory calibrated for the best color and contrast accuracy. This absolute color accuracy is really impressive, with an accuracy of 0.9 JNCD for sRGB and 0.8 JNCD for DCI-P3 (used in 4K UHD and Digital Cinema TVs). This means that they are practically perfect..
  • This new iPhone has high screen brightness and low reflectivity, which allows it to have high performance even in very bright environments. It reaches 820 nits regularly, which is twice what most high-end smartphones have, but reaches 1290 nits peaks when viewing HDR content, rated by DisplayMate as impressive.
  • The iPhone screen improves its efficiency by 15% compared to the iPhone XS Max, which means it consumes less battery.

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