iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 does not stop the music when we record videos

iPhone 11

When recording a video with specific background music from our iPhone, the limitations of iOS (probably due to the copyright of the songs) they don't allow us to do it, because as the camera is activated, the music stops. However, with the new iPhone 11 it is possible. And not. It is not a new feature available in iOS 13.

It is a feature that It is only available on the new iPhone 11, so we can consider that it is not in iOS 13. This function allows us to start recording videos quickly while we are taking pictures thanks to the QuickTape function. This function activates the video recording mode by pressing and holding the shutter button.

In addition, this function also allows us to lock the video mode by sliding the shutter button, so it is not necessary that we are pressing the button on the screen. If we are playing music from our terminal, the music will not stop at any time during the recording, so it allows us to give free rein to our imagination when creating videos, since in many cases, it is the music itself that gives Sense to images.

The QuickTape function, Only available on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Unfortunately, Apple has not bothered to include this function in the previous version of iPhone, iPhone XS, a terminal that has enough power to be able to use this function. The same happens with the night mode, another of the functions with which Apple encourage the renewal of the terminal by the user.

Now that the jailbreak has become part of Apple's history, we cannot expect from this community a function similar to QuickTape. But nevertheless, With night mode, things are much simpler. Through the App Store we have at our disposal the NeuralCam application, an application that allows us to offer results very similar to those we can find in the night mode of the iPhone 11 with the old iPhone.

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