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The Galaxy M30s arrive with a 6,000 mAh battery

Galaxy M30s battery

The Samsung Galaxy M range is having a good reception in the market. That is why the Korean brand works on new models, such as the Galaxy M30s, from which we are beginning to get enough news these weeks. This model should soon reach the market as we have learned. What has been revealed is that it will have a great battery.

The Galaxy M30s will have the largest battery within this range of Samsung phones. The company itself has been the one that has revealed the size of the battery that this new model will have, which is expected to arrive soon at the stores. Surely in India first.

A 6,000 mAh battery is what awaits us in the Galaxy M30s. The company has hung a poster in which they mention this battery capacity, in addition to showing that it will be a model within this family. It has not been confirmed that this is the phone that makes use of it, but it is already affirmed in several media.

Samsung Galaxy M30

It is also the model with the largest battery we have seen in Samsung. So it is also an important change for the Korean manufacturer in this regard. A larger battery, which will result in good autonomy for this new mid-range.

This phone is already expected with interest, it should not take long to reach the market. Some media pointed out that the Galaxy M30s was going to launch in August, as we already told you. Although it is not known if we will meet him in the few days we have left this August. It seems unlikely.

In any case, it seems that you are almost ready to reach the market. So Samsung continues to renew its mid-range in this way. Everything indicates that this Galaxy M30s will be a good option within this mid-range, which will undoubtedly stand out for its great battery.

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