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The beautiful game Alto's Odyssey can now be downloaded for free on Android

A few months ago the Noodlecake developers presented the second part of Alto`s Adventure, called Alto?s Odyssey, on iOS.

The owners of iPhone and iPad had to pay just over five euros to enjoy this endless runner That takes us to the desert.

But in a fairly logical move, these developers announced that this same sequel on Android would be free. The way to consume content from users of this operating system was not the same as what they had on iOS.

A very similar second part

Alto?s Adventure was a game that drew a lot of attention for its design and playability and at Alto?s Odyssey they didn?t want to innovate too much.

We still have a skier who this time moves through the sands of the desert instead of the mountains with snow. We will have to jump to dodge obstacles, to collect coins and to perform bell somersaults so that our scarf gets longer and we get better skills.

One of the novelties is the water bodies and streams with which we will interact when we go sliding in the dunes and mountains among the many scenarios that the game has, which also vary by the lighting that mimics the movement of the sun.

There's also weather news and it is that sandstorms or rain will affect us in our movements.

A free game with advertising

As we said, Alto?s Odyssey can be downloaded for free on Android, although it will feature advertising, which can be removed through a payment within the application. We will also see some announcements if we want to continue at the exact point of a phase where we have died.

It is worth giving it a try, especially if you liked the previous proposal, since this is very similar. It occupies very little and is compatible with virtually all Android phones.