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Surface Duo, Microsoft's mobile phone with Android

Surface duo

When we all assumed that Microsoft had abandoned the smartphone market forever, now the company surprises us with the announcement of the new Surface duo, a new type of device that runs under Android and that consists of two screens that fold book type.

At an event held in New York, Microsoft presented the renovation of its Surface range. This consisted of new versions for the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro, but surprising themselves and outsiders also unveiled two new devices with double screen. The biggest of these reminds us of what in his day became known as Microsoft Courier and will be summed up a double screen tablet. However, the lights were taken by a smaller model, the new Surface Duo.

Two screen joined by a hinge

The Surface Duo is a small with two 5.6 inch screens, these are joined by a hinge that allows the device to open 360. Fully deployed offers the equivalent of an 8.3-inch screen, but with a cut in the area of ??the hinge in the style ZTE Axon M.

The truth is that while we give the smartphone name, Microsoft took great care not to use that word to refer to the terminal, and apparently they want to sell it as a new form factor.

Surface Duo, Microsoft returns to the fight with a foldable two-screen Android 1

Of what there is under the cap little was said and is that we are not facing a device destined to launch soon, but that it has planned its arrival to the public throughout 2020.

What we could know is that this device run under Android, although with a launcher adapted by Microsoft. This operating system is moved by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, although we don't know what RAM.

Certainly this announcement is more a declaration of intent than a sample of a final terminal. From here to its launch it is more than probable that there are modifications in your design. In addition to the fact that no more details of the hardware have been given, it is possible that this may also undergo changes. From here to its launch it is likely that we have new SoCs that best fit the needs of the device.

Microsoft knows that it was falling into oblivion as far as presence in the world of smartphones is concerned. A forgetfulness on the other hand earned. His constant ups and downs with Windows Phone 7, the move to Windows Phone 8 and then the switch to Windows 10 Mobile, were leaving a trail of disgruntled users who still resent Microsoft.

Possibly the company has presented this device to take advantage of the growing interest in folding terminals such as the Galaxy Fold or the Huawei Mate X, and although they are very different proposals, the similarities are sufficient as taking advantage of the interest for this type of devices.