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SCREENS (computer) | 12 types, characteristics and their operation

We share the differentscreen types that have been developed to date and their characteristics, present in TVs, smartphones, computer monitors and more


Screen types

With the passage of time and the development of technology have developed different types of screens, where each one presents certain characteristics that not only improve the image quality for the viewer, but consume less energy, are more resistant, prioritize visual health, among other details.

Gorilla Glass screen

They are a type of screen that has transparent sheets, which are thin and ultra resistant, which is why they are the most suitable to avoid scratches or breakage. The Gorilla Glass screens are widely used in smartphones, particularly high-end ones.

For the elaboration of the material from which Gorilla Glass is made today, it was based on a previous product called Chemcor which was developed in 1962, although it had components and a different formulation.

Amoled screen

It is a kind of screen that is used more than anything on smartphones and mobile devices. It is the acronym for active-matrix organic light-emitting diode and in that sense it is an active matrix that has organic diodes that emit light. For its manufacture, OLED screens were based.

Due to the characteristics of the AMOLED screen it is possible that attention and configuration are directed to a specific pixel, which is why it is possible to reflect on higher, more expensive models and that perhaps consume much more energy.

Amoled screen

OLED screen

OLED screen or organic light emitting diodeIt is a kind of diode that has an electroluminescent layer that is formed by a film with organic components, which are reacted according to an electrical stimulation, so that it is generated and in turn emits light.

Due to their characteristics, OLED screens have several applications, such as monitors, televisions, laptops, an information or warning indicator, etc.

OLED screen

MultiTouch screen

The MultiTouch screen or multi-touch screen it is the way in which the technique that gives interaction between a person and a computer, just like at hardware to which it applies. To understand the operation, it has to do with a touch screen or a touchpad, which is designed to recognize several or multiple points of contact, in addition to software that interprets these interactions.

They are capacitive screens similar to those of modern smart phones that have an array of optical sensors. The most relevant feature is that they obtain the position of different contact points in it simultaneously.