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Robberies in PayPal through Android viruses

Since the Android operating system began to be the most used for mobile devices, it also became a means by which criminals through viruses intend to harm or steal users directly. Although Google has improved its application verification system, from time to time one can manage to go unnoticed and wreak havoc.

And so it was recently that the company ESET dedicated to computer security I discovered a Trojan hosted in a Google Play application called Android Optimization and to the regret of many I manage to steal money directly PayPal accounts of some users mocking all verification.

The problem here also borders on the amount of permissions requested by the application once installed. Specifically, the fact that you want to know when you are interacting with an application, in this case you just want to know if we have PayPal installed to then go through this app ask us to start session and that is where it takes control and sends the money to whoever is Executing the theft.

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In the event that the user does not have PayPal, the next action is to send a screen of some application requiring card number and other information to finally steal. Then we leave a video of the operation of this virus.

From Tecnocat we recommend that take care of the places and applications they download. Always use official sources since the security outside them is not guaranteed at all. We would like to know if someone of you has happened or knows of any case, see you in the comments section.