realme X2 Pro 90hz

More data from Realme X2 Pro, 90Hz display and ultra fast charging

Realme continues to reveal new aspects of its next major release, the Realme X2 Pro. This terminal will be launched in a few days worldwide and with a special presence in Spain. Our country has been chosen by the brand as the headquarters of its operations in Europe, so we will have the opportunity to attend its launch live.

Realme is the mobile brand with the fastest growth in the market today. His arrival in Spain wants to serve as an impulse to consolidate in Europe and become a reference among the youth public.

Immersive display at 90 Hz

Previously we were confirmed that the realme X2 Pro will have a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ and rear cudruple camera with a 64MP lens. Now we are given new data and they only raise the expectation we already have with this terminal.

Realme is part of the same group as OnePlus, whose terminals are adopting for their screens a standard of 90Hz as a refresh rate. In the Realme X2 Pro it is confirmed that we will have a immersive screen with 90hz refresh rate. For those of you who have not been able to try it, we will tell you that with this rate a fluidity and smoothness is achieved that significantly improves the user experience. As I said with the OnePlus 7 Pro, the complicated thing is to have to return the terminal and return at lower rates.

Realme X2 Pro 90Hz

In the image that accompanies this announcement we see a terminal without bezels and with a drop of water for the camera. Hopefully it is not a final image, but make it clear where the shots are going in this regard.

Really X2 Pro is going to shake the market. With this product we bring high technology to the public, creating a true flagship affordable for the user, We are launching this product globally in Spain. It is our way of demonstrating our commitment to this Market.

Levi Lee, Director of Realme in Europe

We already knew that the new Realme terminal coming with a Snapdragon 855+ processor with heat dispersion technology prevents it from overheating. Now we can add that we also have a system of Ultra fast charging than charging the entire terminal in just 35 minutes.

Ultra Fast 50W SuperVOOC Flash Charge Charge

The Realme X2 Pro charging system is the 50 W. SuperVOOC Flash Charge. These systems have already been presented in similar versions by Oppo and allow the 4000 mAh battery, need only 35 minutes to charge.

Realme X2 Pro 90Hz

With a charge we will have a battery for “418 hours standby, 26 hours of calls, 10 hours of audio playback and 9 hours of video playback”, some remarkable data if they are really fulfilled. Something that of course we will know after trying it.