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Millions of Apple devices may have a permanent vulnerability

There was little, somewhat distant from the current one, in which most of the people we liked the apple worldWe were also interested in what sounded so weird and was called jailbreak. Power personalize Your mobile phone in a way never seen before add applications that Apple does not allow in its store or improve capabilities of the system, you can add the video recording in the first models that only obtain photographs, it was something really interesting. Now, years later and with the jailbreak in its lowest hours, it seems that the community has good news.

Recently, thanks to the information we have been able to obtain from the axi0mX Twitter account, we have known that there is a vulnerability in millions of iPhone and iPad and that, from what we have been able to read, cannot be fixed with no update. The devices that appear to be affected are those that include the chips of the company, from A5 to A11, that is, speaking in terms of mobile phones, from the Iphone 4s until the iPhone X.

Although the news may be interesting to those looking for a definitive method to return to the little gold of the jailbreak, he exploit it has limitations. On the one hand, devices can only be manipulated with a connection via USB. In addition, this does not mean that Cydia can be installed thanks to this vulnerability, since, for this, some of the equipment dedicated to the world of jailbreak they should use it and create a specific software. We may begin to see devices that return to a pirate world, where Apple has obtained countless ideas for your software It will be something totally unexpected.