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Make groups in the Google Assistant to organize voice commands

If you are one of those with several smart devices or applications linked to the Google Assistant voice commands, there is an easier option to handle them. During the configuration of your smartphone you can create groups that Google calls rooms to facilitate the work.

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The halls make voice commands easier

With this option of grouping on your mobile you can enable more commands with fewer words. Instead of saying turn off the light 5 times for each one you have in the room, you can make a room that includes only the lights of the room and order Google turn off the lights of the room and the assistant understand the association.

How to add a new device to the room

one . To add, open Google Assistant and select "Home Control"

Google Assistant Groups Settings

2. Click Devices and the Add (+) button for any device compatible with Google Home or ChromeCast or touch.

Google Assistant Groups Settings

Where is the dialog box that says Manage accounts, click on the magnifying glass icon to search for the device or service, or choose the one that appears on the screen. If you do not have it added, you can click on the Service and access it online.

5. Touch any device found, then click the Add to a room option.

6. Touch on behalf of the room you want and click Next. If you want to create one, you must scroll to the bottom and you will find the option Custom room.

And with this the terminal you want to associate with the room is already synchronized.

Customize the Google Assistant and receive information about your usual routes

Add existing devices to rooms

Open the Google Assistant application and scroll down to find a list of devices that are not in the rooms. Touch any device to add it to a room.

Touch "Add to room" at the bottom of the screen.

Choose the appropriate starting location. You probably only have one house, so tap it and then touch the «Next» button.

Set up Google Assistant by groups

Then, click on “Move device”.

If you have more than one account associated with your "home" (for families, etc.), everyone will have access to the device. If you ever move the device to a new home, all members will lose this access. Google is trying to make this clear with the message "It affects access for household members." It is something to take into account with a familiar configuration.

Touch the room with which you want to associate the device and then touch «Next».

If you don't see a room label that you like, scroll to the bottom of the room options. Touch the "Custom room" option, provide a label that you like and then touch "Accept."


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Grouping your devices in rooms means that you can control them by referring to them. If you have your mobile grouped in a room labeled "bedroom", you can say "Hello Google, turn off the bedroom" or "turn off the bedroom lights" even when Google Home is in another part of the house.

Keeping devices grouped in rooms will not only keep your Google Assistant application better organized, but also make it easier to work with your devices.