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Internet search engines | What are, examples, characteristics and function

TheInternet browserThey facilitate the task of finding or locating content on the internet. We explain that it is an internet search engine, what it is for and what are the most popular.

What is an Internet search engine and what is it for?

A internet search is a search engine which offers its users the possibility of consulting on millions of internet websites, in order to result in a list of links to different websites that meet that search criteria.

In that sense, a internet search engine serves so that users can find the information they need on the internet, because ultimately it is such a gigantic network, that without the help of these platforms it will be impossible to accomplish this task.

Finally, the Internet browser or search engines They manage to fulfill their task thanks to the use of robots that visit each site in the network to classify it, in addition to complex computer algorithms to rank the content when consulted by users.

How an Internet search engine works

Each internet search engine works in a different way according to the way it has been developed, that is, its algorithm. He internet search engine algorithm It is defined as the method of classification used by the platform for the classification of the websites that you have registered, so that they correspond in an efficient way with the search or queries that users subsequently make.

Search Engine Features

  • Deliver results very quickly
  • The results are relevant and related to what one is looking for.
  • You can use operators that work to refine your search.
  • All have a base algorithm that is similar except for some small details that give each person their personality.
  • Lets give suggestions to bad writing and in some cases make automatic corrections
  • Allows you to configure them to the personal taste of each one, being able to add websites to favorites or place a default home page, among other functions
  • Some have special functions consisting of searching by date, language, image, among others.

Internet search engines – 20 examples

Google It is the most powerful and currently used internet search engine. Most of the traffic on the Internet starts from this platform, when solving the queries of its users.

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<p><span style=Bing Another famous search engine that aims to gain a place before the Google monopoly. It is a development of Microsoft and according to some sectors it works better than Google, beyond that it is not so popular.

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<p><span style=Yahoo It is one of the best known, but nowadays if it is used it will be noted that it uses the Bing search engine to offer the results to its users.

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<p><span style=Yandex Is a powerful internet search engine which not only is dedicated to being a search engine, but also provides other related services (such as Google). There are more than 150 million daily searches that he receives, but it must be clarified that he is a Russian company and is the search engine that is most used in Russia.

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<p><span style=Dogpile It is a search engine that will choose the search results by taking links from other search engines such as Google or Yandex. It is a search engine that then queries in other search engines.

Archive Wayback Machine It is not a search engine as such, but it allows users search for past or previous versions of a website.

DuckDuckGO In recent years, it is one of the most promising internet search engines, particularly for its idea of ??respecting user privacy. As for the results, they are taken from various sources.

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<p><span style=Metacrawler Your results come from Google and other search engines. The user can consult for content in text, images or videos.


Goodsearch In addition to being an internet search engine, its objective is to be an altruistic platform, since the profits obtained are distributed among charitable associations in all corners of the world.

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<p><span style=Ecosia It is a search engine that shares the revenue generated as an 80% donation for a project in which trees are planted in Brazil.