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How to share music with two AirPods at the same time and enjoy company

iOS 13 is the latest version released by Apple for its iPhone (we remind you that now the iPad has its own operating system called iPadOS). A new version loaded with new design and new features such as the dark mode, much more detailed maps, new ways of editing photographs, etc. But one of these new functions that has gone unnoticed and that we believe deserves a special mention, is that Now we can share music with two Airpods or other wireless headphones at the same time.

Great news for those who enjoy the millions of songs that we hear using Apple Music through Apple's wireless headphones and that, finally, we can share with our partner, friends or whoever we want, in a very simple way (like everything Apple does), as you will see below.

How to share music with two AirPods at the same time

How to share music with two AirPods

Time required:1 minute.

  1. Connect your AirPods

    Link your AirPods if they are not, or just paint them in the ears and open the music application.

  2. Click on AirPlay

    By clicking on AirPlay you can see the headphones or wireless speakers where the music we are listening to is playing.

  3. Click on share audio

    A new button to share audio with any other compatible wireless headset appears.

  4. Follow the steps to link the other pair of AirPods

    Open the box of the other AirPods and hold the back button to start synchronization.

  5. Turn them on and adjust the volume

    From this moment you can activate or deactivate the new AirPods, adjust the volume and even eliminate them.

Share music with two AirPods

Following these simple steps we can share the music we are listening to with a second pair of AirPods or wireless headphones. Since Apple Music has millions of songs, why not share it with others to enjoy it in company.