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How to quickly access recently used applications and documents on your Mac

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Apple makes it easy to access your favorite applications and documents and the most recent ones in Mac OS X. You can simply add your favorite applications and folders to the dock, and you can always visit the Apple menu in the mens bar to see a list of your applications and more recent documents.

However, the Recent Items menu is not as efficient as I would like, and the dock can be quite messy if there are many applications and folders in it. Fortunately, there is a simple OS X trick that helps solve these two problems.

There is a Terminal command that you can use to place a list of Recent Items directly in your Dock, and it can display recently used applications, documents and servers, as well as favorite volumes and items. This can help keep your dock clean and organized, and make favorite and most used items easier to find.

Step 1: Open Terminal

Open a Terminal window using Spotlight Search (Command + P) to search for Terminal or by browsing Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal.

Step 2: Use the command

Inside Terminal, use the command line default write persist-others -array-add ?{" tile-data "= {" list-type "= 1;}; "Tile-type" = "recents-tile";} ?; killall dock , which you can copy and paste from here. (Be sure to press Enter after entering the command.)

Step 3: Enjoy and customize

Your dock should cool, and now you can close Terminal. There will be a new icon to the right of your Dock that will show the stacked applications.

Clicking on it will open a grid view of your ten most recent applications.

To change the display style or the contents of the drawer, right-click (or Command + click) to see the available customization options. You can use a fan or list view, and even choose to show recent documents and servers, or favorite volumes and items. If there are no recent or favorite items in any of the sections, a blank space will simply be displayed in the Dock.

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If you click with the right mouse button, you will also have the option to remove it from your Dock, so you don't have to enter more terminal commands; You can also drag and drop it from the Dock to remove it too.