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How to put the biggest letter on Android 10

Smart phones have larger and larger screens and higher resolution. A priori, we should see its contents better. But some still have problems forread with comfort what you put in the mobile, and the solution is as simple asput the biggest letter from the system settings. On any device, obviously including those updated to Android 10, we can change the font size.

Even if you have a screen almost seven inches diagonal, and QHD resolution on your mobile, the years do not forgive –and eyesight problems less and it is possible thatdon't see well the texts of it. But in the system settings, inAndroid 10, there are two options that can help you. On one side is thefont size, which determines how large or small the typeface is, the letter of any element on the screen; and on the other side is thescreen zoom, which determines the size of the graphic elements that also appear on the screen. And all this we can customize as follows:

Adjust the zoom and font size if you don't see well what it puts on the screen

Open the native application ofSettings on your smart phone and go to the section onscreen. The two settings that we are going to modify are available, but we will start by accessing the section ofFont size. Here we will see that there is a slider that appears marking'Predetermined'; if we move it to the left we will see, in the sample text, that the font becomes smaller. And if we move it to the right the effect will be just the opposite, all the text will become larger and readable. But, of course, less text can be displayed on the screen at the same time.

If we go back, now we can go to the section ofScreen zoom. Again we will see a slider and the way to handle it is exactly the same. And again we have a preview available in which, as we move the slider, we will see how the size of the graphic elements changes.

If we are going to change the font size, it is best to do exactly the same with the screen zoom. In this way, the interface will continue to have the same balance in any application and the visualization experience will be the ideal one. These changes affect any application that we will use on our smart phone or on our tablet.