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How to postpone emails in Gmail for Android

There are times when we cannot answer the emails that arrive. The option ofpostpone Gmail is focused precisely on this. When using it, selecting a date and time for a specific email message, we will be telling the customerGmail to alert us to that email at another time. That is, as we went, the message?Reach us again? as if it were new, but when we want it. Thus, we can manage the messages received in a simpler way, organizing as we are interested in time. And this, obviously, we can do in Gmail for Android.

How to postpone Gmail messages to another date and time chosen by you

Forpostpone Any email message in Gmail, we simply have to start by opening the application. Once opened, within the inbox we will select any message as if we were going to attend it at that time, as if we were going to read it. And when you open it and see its contents, click on the upper right corner, on the icon with three points in vertical orientation, to open the menu of options.

Here we will find the options of ?Move to?, ?Change labels? and other settings among which, in fact, the option ofPostpone. We will click here, and the next thing that happens is that the email application offers us several predetermined options to postpone the message we are working with. If they serve us, we will select one of them and the changes will be applied. Otherwise, we can click on the option that says?Choose date and time? to establish what interests us.

In any case, when the date and time we have configured for the postponed Gmail message arrives, we will receive anew notification. And as we mentioned at the beginning, this notification will be identical to the one that will reach us if it were a new email message. Now, in orange the application alert us when the message was postponed by ourselves.