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How to play YouTube videos in the background on Android

YouTube can be popular for its streaming and video streaming capabilities, but it is also home to tons of good music. Many people use YouTube to listen to their favorite music, but certain limitations in the application are an obstacle to the experience. We are talking about YouTube?s inability to play background videos on Android.

The official YouTube application allows you to play videos in the background, but there is a problem. You need to have a YouTube Premium subscription. Unfortunately, YouTube Premium is only available in some regions and, as the name implies, is paid. Therefore, if you are based in a country where YouTube Premium is not yet available, or if you do not want to pay for the feature, you must install third-party applications that allow you to play YouTube videos in the background on Android.

Third-party applications to play YouTube videos in the background on Android

1. YouTube Vanced

For those of you looking for a convenient and effective way to play YouTube videos in the background with the screen off, there is YouTube Vanced. A modified YouTube APK that includes a lot of practical features that allow you to play YouTube videos in a pop-up window, customize the player to your liking and, of course, play videos in the background even with the screen turned off.

YouTube Vanced est available for unrooted users And, without a doubt, it's the best way to watch YouTube videos in the background. While the application alone does not allow you to log in to your YouTube account, you can download MicroG Vanced APK (available on the YouTube Vanced website) if you want to log in to your account and get access to your personalized suggestions, lists of reproduction, etc.

Install YouTube Vanced (free)

2. Free music for YouTube: Stream

Free music for YouTube: Stream is one of the best third-party applications that allows you to play YouTube videos in the background. The application allows you find your favorite artists, create your own playlists, discover new musical genres and browse the best daily graphics, which makes it the perfect companion for anyone who uses YouTube as their main music streaming service.

The application has a floating pop-up player that allows you to play any YouTube video, without having to remain in the YouTube application at all times. The application also offers three widgets which will allow you to access directly from your home screen, which adds even more comfort for the average YouTube user. In addition, the application includes a sleep timer function and a battery saving function, which also serve to enhance your experience. However, the application does not allow you to play YouTube videos with the screen off.

Install free music for YouTube: streaming (free)

3. Awesome pop-up video

As the name suggests, Awesome Pop-up Video allows you to play videos in a pop-up window. The application allows you play YouTube, Vimeo or any other video on the web In a small popup window. The application's home page shows popular YouTube videos and you can also search for videos on YouTube, Vimeo or paste a video link from the web, although Twitter videos such as Facebook are not supported. Once you play a video, the video will open in a pop-up window with buttons to close it, maximize it, or review the playlist.

You can also add videos in the queue to continue playing in the background. Unfortunately, music from YouTube videos only plays in the background until the time screen turns on. Other features of the application include op-up themes and settings, ability to download videos and more . Therefore, if you want YouTube videos to run as pop-up windows while checking your email or browsing the web, you can give the Awesome Pop-up Video application a chance. No matter how good the application is, it does not allow you to play videos with the screen off, which is a roll.

Install awesome pop-up video (free)