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How to migrate iOS app notes to Google Keep

One of the things that people value most about iOS is that it is easy to use. All the programs are in sight, distributed by several desks that only require the finger to move between them. But not only its interface is simple, but also its applications. Setting up email accounts, checking the weather or entering an address on Apple Maps is very simple. It could be said that anyone without technological knowledge is able to use it and will end up becoming a teacher within a few hours.

But that simplicity may not be for everyone. Users looking for something else in terms of functions should use alternatives from the App Store, and that happens with the iOS Notes app. The default notepad application for iPhone and iPad is useful, clean and does not meander, but it is very limited. If you consider changing the app but do not know how to migrate the dozens of notes created, we explain how to do it with Google Keep.

Transfer iOS notes to Google Keep

Before you start copying and pasting all the content of iOS notes into Google Keep letting you know that there is an easier way to do it. The process is simplified if the sharing extension is used at the service of Google. The method has been detailed to the millimeter by the boys of iPhoneHacks.

  1. We install Google Keep and we started session with our Google account
  2. We open one of the Apple Notes Notes and click on the Share button. We slide to the Ms section and activate the Google Keep extension
  3. We select the Google Keep extension. A popup appears in which we are asked to choose in which account we want to add the note. Then click on Publish and the note is already synchronized.

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