Cómo vestir mejor con las ideas de estilo de Google Lens

How to dress better with Google Lens style ideas

How to dress better with Google Lens style ideas

Google still wants its artificial intelligence applications interfere more and more in our lives, helping us in all aspects and getting us to save time on everyday things such as dressing in our best clothes.

Just yesterday the new smart jacket designed between Levi’s and Google was presented, and today we bring you the new features of Google Lens with ‘Style ideas’ to inspire you when buying clothes or to combine your daily outfits.

It is an option that we have already seen before, but that is being updated today as the companions of Android Police tell us to make more powerful and versatile and integrating better with Lens options, which in fact is already able to search outfits throughout the web so that we dress better and more fashionable.

How to dress better with Google Lens style ideas

This is how the new ones work ‘Style ideas’ from Google Lens

As always with Lens, enough focus the camera towards a garment that we like, both in our closet and in a store, and Google AI will look for options of purchase, similar clothes and the results of the usual search.

The magic is just below, because when we move with the finger we will see images of people who saw similar items in different styles and moments, so we can check if those outfits or we like outfits and save them later.

Applicable is when buying, because if it costs you imagine how to get a certain garment with different accessories or in different situations, you just have to take out your smartphone and point Google Lens to see photos and ‘Style ideas’.

If you find it as interesting as we do, we assume that, here we leave you the link to Google Play Store so you can install Lens and test it directly on your mobile:

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