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How to customize Gmail on your Android phone easily

Gmail "width =" 1200 "height =" 675 "srcset =" 1200w, wp-content / uploads / 2019/06 / Gmail-478x269.jpg 478w, 1024w, https: // www. 320w, 830w, https: // 400w, 500w, 170w "sizes =" (max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px "src =" https: // "class =" size-full wp-image-149985 aligncenter lazyload "/></p><p><strong>Gmail is an essential application in Android today</strong>. It is kept updated at all times with new functions, such as confidential mode or the ability to schedule the sending of emails. In addition, the application has the advantage that we can modify its appearance in a simple way, for a better use at all times. So we can customize this use of the app on Android.</p><div class=

Then we leave you with a couple of aspects with which to customize the use of Gmail on Android. So you can make better use of the application on the phone and thus it will be better adjusted to your use of the popular application on the phone. What we will do is slightly change the appearance of the app on your phone.

Gmail is a very customizable application. This is something we have seen in the past, as we have told you. Therefore, we can change various aspects of the mail application on Android. So that we will be able to make more complete use of it. Especially the possibility of changing the type of tray may be of interest to users who use the app for work, so that it is used much more efficiently. So these options are likely to be of interest to you in this regard.

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Type of tray in Gmail

Gmail inbox

A trick that we have talked about in the past, which is that of change the type of inbox in the application. Since the new design has reached the application, we can adjust the type of inbox we want to use in it. Depending on the use we make of the application, we may prefer one type or another of tray. Gmail allows us to do this easily at all times.

In this case, we can choose toWhat kind of emails do we want to prioritize? When we use the application. Therefore, we can modify this in a simple way. We can find this option in the Gmail settings. In the settings there is a section called type of inbox, where to choose how we want to organize it, to which emails we will give priority to it. This will adapt better to the use we make.

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Depending on how you use Gmail on your phone, especially if you use it for work, there will be a tray that will adjust better to what you are doing. So it is good to try them all on the phone, before choosing the best one for you.

Change tray view

Gmail tray view

One function that was introduced with the new Gmail design is the ability to choose the tray view. In this sense, the application gives us three options, with which to have a view that best fits what we are looking for at all times. Since we can choose between three options: Default, convenient or compact. So by choosing one of them, we can see how this view is modified in the application.

The comfortable and compact options are newer. The first allows you to see immediately who is the contact who sent us the email. While if we use the compact option, they are displayed in a much more compact way, which allows you to have an overview of the inbox. So everyone can choose an option that fits better.

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First of all we have to enter the Gmail settings on Android. Then we enter the section called Density of the conversation list, where we can choose the option we think best fits what we are going to use in the app. Whenever we want we can modify this in the application. So if after a while using a view you are not happy, you can change it easily. Very comfortable to customize this at all times.

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How to customize Gmail on your Android phone easily
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