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How to create folders on the new Apple TV

If you are one of those who download all the applications and games that we recommend in our Apple TV TOP 10X4 It is very likely that you have an infinite list of Apps on your TV screen. To fix it Apple added in the last update of tvOS 9.2 The possibility of creating folders.

The folders are very useful to organize our desks, grouping the applications by type of App, category or as we want, having them all controlled. A very familiar organization system for iOS users that we will explain below in two different ways.

How to create application folders on Apple TV

Method ONE: Press and Drag as on the iPhone

If you are iOS users you will know that the system to group applications is very simple. Simply drag an application over another so that both come together in a folder that we can name as we want. So in tvOS 9.2 it is done in the same way.

  • We are going to the application that we want to group.
  • Press and hold the Touchpad of the Apple TV remote control until we enter the edit mode (the icons move).
  • Press again and without releasing, drag the application over another one that we want to group it.

Automatically we will create a folder where we can include all the applications we want.

To remove the application from the folder we must follow the same steps but dragging the application out of the folder to return it to the desktop as you can see in the video that we have prepared for you.

Method TWO: Using the settings

tvOS includes a second system to create application folders, which is based on the options of the on-screen menu as we explain below:

  • We are going to the application that we want to put inside a folder.
  • Press and hold the Touchpad Apple TV remote control until we enter edit mode (movindose icons)
  • Press the Play / Pause button on the Touchpad and we will see a menu on the screen with several options:
    • Remove
    • New folder
    • Cancel
  • Click on the "New folder" option, which will automatically create and save the selected application in your folder.

To remove it, we will repeat the steps but select ?remove from the folder?, returning it to the initial screen of our Apple TV.

Video Tutorial: How to create folders on Apple TV