Google denies that Hangouts is on its way to disappear

Google denies that Hangouts is on its way to disappear

Things are a bit confusing for Google Hangouts users. Days after a report from 9to5Google, which stated that the Google service will no longer be available to users at some time in 2020, now it seems that it will not disappear, but will receive a transformation of its platform and objectives.

To silence rumors, Google issued an official statement confirming that the features of Chat and its Hangouts Meet video meetings platform will be available to regular Google Hangouts users, saying the company is “fully committed to supporting Hangouts classic users ”Until a“ successful ”migration to the new services takes place.

The news of the changes in this service is not so surprising, since Google stopped developing Hangouts more than a year ago. In addition, the company has been ridiculed on several occasions for having a large number of messenger applications, proving that the old saying is true, which covers a lot of tightness. That seems to be the reason why Google recently announced that it would focus its attention on Android Messages and integration with the new standard or RCS messenger protocol “Chat”.

Since Google has been providing new features to other messaging applications, many customers have already moved away from Google Hangouts, but there are still some loyal fans who prefer to keep the service. However, it is safe to say that, if you have not yet made the transition to another platform, you will want to do so sometime in 2019.

This decision may indicate the start of a much more optimized approach to Google messaging services. As mentioned, the company has launched several messenger services over the years, and many of them have failed. Recall that, after Hangouts, Google launched Allo, but considering that it only allows sending messages to other Allo users, the idea didn't work.

Instead, Google is now adopting the new RCS, or Rich Communication Services of the "chat" standard, which allows you to do things like group messages, larger file transfers, read receipts and cross-platform messages. Of course, there are companies that have not announced that they will use RCS. So far, Apple has remained silent about it, probably due to the fact that it is already considered a messenger champion thanks to iMessage. However, hopefully, Apple adopt RCS for cross-platform chats, in which Apple and Android users send messages between them.

It is important to keep in mind that not everything related to Hangouts disappears. The brand remains in force in the Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet services of G Suite, which are aimed at companies and employers that might otherwise be interested in services such as Slack.

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