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Google and Levi's present a new smart denim jacket

In 2017 we saw how Jacquard, a company that is part of the experimental group of Google ATAP (body that is responsible for cooperating with startups and companies in expansion), allied with the company of the big G to take out some clothes such as jackets, backpacks and other accessories with built-in technologies. This was undoubtedly a step forward in the futuristic industry of the smart clothes and gadgets.

One of those garments that Google and Jacquard presented was a denim jacket in conjunction with the company Levi?s. They have recently presented a renovation of this jacket Of course, this time it is a finer model, smaller and with "less technology" than the previous model, reaching the point that it almost does not seem "smart" in sight. Good news, no doubt.

New smart denim jacket from Levi's

The new jacket of Levi?s, Google and Jacquard count with one small device inserted in the sleeve, more specifically in the area of ??the fist: the Jacquard Tag. This device connects to our smartphone and works almost like a touch panel, allowing you to leave your phone in your pocket and control certain functions from the sleeve of the jacket Thus, with different touches, landslides or covering the Jacquard Tag completely; the phone can be controlled in different ways.

Among the most outstanding functions are the possibility of informing you about the weather or traffic, controlling the music player or answering phone calls. In addition, you will be able to take photos from your mobile just by playing the Jacquard Tag. And if that was not enough, Google plans to continue incorporating features Control the smartphone using this technology and make it even smarter.

With the Jacquard Tag you can use functions of your smartphone

You can see that this model improves on the first to a large degree. At the aesthetic level, as we have said, it looks more like a usual jacket thanks to the simple method of connectivity with the smartphone. It looks more modern and is cheaper than the previous model. Specifically, this new version of Levi?s denim jacket with Google and Jacquard technology will be available, very soon, next October 3, at a price of $ 198, about 182 To the change. That's right, it will be in the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany and Italy. A Levi?s Sherpa version will also be sold at a price of $ 248, approximately 228.

While we believe that the interaction between the garment and the smartphone is still somewhat rudimentary, it is good news that large companies such as Google, Levi?s and Xiaomi (which took a few months ago sport shirt with an integrated chip) They are working together on these types of products that will undoubtedly be the future of wearables and who knows if they will even go there.