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Free Android applications on offer to download from Play Store

It is possible that on some occasion you have the feeling that you do not get the most out of your mobile terminal. This may be because you do not have a good amount of developments for them or that the ones you have installed are not of good quality. To remedy this, we will show you a list with free apps for Android Sure, you find them useful.

All the chosen works are on offer by Limited time, so this past come back to have the usual price (therefore, it is not a bad idea to get all the free applications for Android, since if you uninstall them they will be registered as your property and yes, you want to get them from Again, it won't cost you anything.) In an attempt to offer you the highest possible quality and simplicity, everything we are going to propose is in the Google Play Store, which is currently considered official and, in addition, all those who have a phone or tablet with the operating system of the Mountain View company, have of an active account.

How to create a family account in Play Store now that you are in Spain

These are the free apps for Android that you shouldn't miss

We leave then the links corresponding to each of the developments that, at the moment, you can get at zero cost and, therefore, its attractiveness increases considerably. In addition, we indicate some details of the most striking so you know what you will get with each of them:

Premium Black Wallpapers

If you are looking for new wallpapers for your Android phone or tablet, this development is an excellent option, especially if you have an OLED panel device. This is due to the fact that the background of all the works is black, which makes some pixels turn us on and consume less energy. A complete job with lots of images.

Premium Black Wallpapers

Premium Black Wallpapers

Visit The Dinosaurs VR Museum (CardBoard)

It is difficult to find free applications for Android that have Virtual Reality as part of their themes. This is the case, and the quality it offers is really high, with surprising options that are not particularly demanding. A job that is very worthwhile if you have what it takes to make use of this type of content.

Application Visit The Dinosaurs VR Museum (CardBoard) "width =" 501 "height =" 319 "srcset =" 501w, https: // topesdegama. com / app / uploads / 2019/09 / VR-300x191.jpg 300w "sizes =" (max-width: 501px) 100vw, 501px

Visit The Dinosaurs VR Museum (CardBoard)

Visit The Dinosaurs VR Museum (CardBoard)

Scalar Pro

The calculator that comes by default in Android terminals is effective, but not especially complex to perform operations that are advanced. This is what comes to solve this work, which also offers a really attractive design. It is very simple to use this development, and it has virtues as advanced elements of use such as when copying a succession of operations.

Scalar Pro calculator and math scripts

Scalar Pro calculator and math scripts – WAStickerApps

If you have tired of the stickers you have in the messenger development and you are a follower of everything that has to do with anime, this development is ideal for you (we recommend that everyone try it, really). Its implementation is perfect and risk free, and it sure is one of the free applications for Android this week that has just been installed on your phone.

Android application - WAStickerApps "width =" 546 "height =" 320 "srcset =" 546w, app / uploads / 2019/09 / Anime-300x176.jpg 300w "sizes =" (max-width: 546px) 100vw, 546px - WAStickerApps