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DRIVERS (computer science) | What are they, what are they for and how do they work?

The drivers or controllers They are a software which represents a set of instructions which were designed to perform a task, usually for peripherals or other parts of a computer that we can incorporate.

What are the drivers?

The drivers or controllers They are defined as a program or software that is composed of code that allows a specific function to be fulfilled, which is why it is a set of instructions that were developed for that particular task to be executed.

What are the drivers for?

The drivers they are a very special type of program because they are the ones that allow the operating system to can communicate with Parts of a Computer, that is why they are a software with which it is achieved drive A message to reach your destination. Therefore, without your participation for Windows It will be impossible to know what to do with certain devices.

An example of the above to understand what are the drivers for It can be found with a printer, where this device will be responsible for putting on paper what has been written in Word, but Windows knows nothing about how to do it, the ink that is required, or anything else. As soon as an impression is ordered, the driver is the one who takes note and dialogues with the printer. The above applies to other devices for which Windows is not natively compatible.

Types of drivers

  • Audio drivers They exist for audio components integrated in a motherboard, independent sound cards or mdems.
  • Video drivers There are drivers designed for video cards integrated into the motherboard. The most common are those of ATI or NVIDIA.
  • LAN or Ethernet drivers They allow wired network devices to be controlled.
  • Wireless Drivers They are the ones that apply to devices that are essential for wireless networks such as BlueTooth or Wi-Fi.
  • USB drivers They guarantee the proper functioning of the USB ports of the computer that are always present on the modern motherboard.
  • Printer, scanner, mouse, etc. drivers They are drivers that respond to specific needs of certain devices that connect to Windows, but with which there is no information natively for the operating system how to instruct, manipulate or configure them.
  • Chipset drivers The chipset is the set of integrated circuits and are designed for work in a specific way according to the CPU. Its importance is key to the motherboard and the performance of the other components or devices of the PC.

How the drivers work

The driver, device driver or device driver is a computer program that is responsible for allowing the operating system to interact with a peripheral, which is why makes a hardware abstraction, so that it is provide an interface for the device to be used, where it is important to highlight that it is almost always standardized.

Driver operation

In a basic sense of the definition of operation, they guarantee a translation of the instructions between the operating system and the device that natively cannot be controlled by their respective particularities.

How to get the computer drivers?

The Drivers search tools They are an interesting option to solve these problems of compatibility or lack of a driver, highlighting that it is a complex situation because some of the peripherals of the computer will be useless to Windows not knowing how to interact with it.

It is suggested to check on sites such as or programs like DriverMax, which have been designed so that after a few clicks and a simple configuration, the user can apply a scan to their equipment, in order to search for the necessary drivers and obtain a link for their disposal.

What to do if I don't know what drivers I need?

A first solution is to use the drivers search engines and the equipment scan. In case the above does not work, it is always a good strategyfind the installation CD?s that accompany the purchased devices, highlighting that this is precisely the program that is needed for the installation of the driver on the computer.

Another alternative is to check the box to know the specifications of the devices in question and make a direct search on Google to check for the drivers of that element and download the driver for later installation.

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Best programs to update drivers

  • Driver booster In its most recent version, it is cataloged as the program that works best for updating the device's drivers. In addition, it likes because its interface is very user friendly and is understood in a few seconds.
  • DriverPack Solution It is a free, fast and secure alternative so that all system drivers can be updated to their latest version.
  • Free Driver Scout Is a application free that will scan all the devices of the computer, so as to recognize in a short time if it is worth an update and that provides options to comply with that procedure.
  • Snappy Driver Installer Among the main advantages of this platform is that does not need installation to be used because it has a portable version. Your database is gigantic.