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Download Afterlight to edit images

If you are looking for a good application for edit images, you may have heard of Afterlight, but you have not tried it or want to inform you a little more about its possibilities.

Afterlight is a Photo editor quite well known both in Android as in iOS, since it has many interesting functions when it comes to improving the images we have taken from the mobile

It should be noted that Afterlight is an app to edit images free in the Android version, but not in Apple's operating system, well Afterlight 2 is only available for iOS, and it has cost.

Anyway, between both versions there are not too many differences we found.

Image - Download Afterlight to edit images

We must keep in mind that on Android there are some payment features for a few cents, and in the case of iOS for 2.99 euros We will have access to all the functions of the application.

Therefore, it is a affordable image editor nico payment, unlike other graphic editing programs, which charge a monthly subscription to users.

Afterlight, key functions

We are facing a fairly complete app, which can get photographers to improve their results. Some capabilities to highlight are:

  1. Adjust parameters such as brightness, contrast, light …
  2. Apply filters
  3. Give different textures to images.
  4. Crop and resize photos.
  5. Add color effects.
  6. Blur the background, similar to the bokeh effect.

These are some of the functions that we can find in Afterlight, in addition to integrate your own camera application within the application

Image - Download Afterlight to edit images

As we say, it is a very complete and intuitive app, especially focused on the best known social network of photography, as is Instagram.

At the moment, Afterlight 2 is only available on iOS, so we will have to wait to see if it finally Afterlight Add this version to the Android operating system, to help your users to edit images facing social networks.

How to color black and white photos

Do you know Afterlight as an alternative when editing images? Do you think Afterlight 2 end up coming to Android?

  1. Download Afterlight for Android

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  1. Download Afterlight 2 for iOS

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