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Cloudflare guys launch Warp, their free and secure VPN for iOS

You probably know Cloudflare, a CDN service that allows us to accelerate websites for free, and improve them through their payment packages. A service that has grown in recent years to the point of launching its own DNS service to deal with the giant Google with the famous This was the arrival of Cloudflare to mobile devices, a new market for which they want to continue according to their latest movements …

We told you a few months ago: Cloudflare guys were starting to try a new free VPN service with some beta-tester users, they called it WARP and it's now available to all users … The Cloudflare free VPN service for iOS, WARP, is now available And you can use it now. After the jump we give you all the details of this new VPN service.

The service works very similarly to what Cloudflare does with the websites that go through its services, accelerates the traffic that everything has going through its servers. A very good idea that this time they do through the VPN they have created for mobile devices, and also follow using the famous DNS already announced as the fastest. You just have to install the app and activate the VPN, we will be asked at the iOS level to activate this VPN and you will see at the top of your iPhone how this service is active.

So you know, WARP is a VPN service to consider, yes, if you are one of those who think that all this free VPNs can be a way to get all the traffic that circulates through our device, which it can be, I do not recommend it. If you trust Cloudflare Warp guys, it's your VPN because of the way it works. A free VPN that you can improve with WARP + and 3.99 euros per month to improve the speed of service. Consider it, try it, and you decide if you stay with WARP on your device or not …

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