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Apple wants to release its movies in Hollywood before Apple TV +

Apple TV +

On November 1, Apple's streaming video service will start working. Although the initial catalog is not very wide, as the weeks and months go by, it will be expanded. For now, The catalog that it offers us has a cost of 4.99 euros per month, price that is likely to increase as your catalog does.

Apple's plans for its streaming video service are not only to create original content related to TV series, but also He plans to go into feature films. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is considering releasing its films in commercial theaters rather than on Apple TV +.

Some time ago the possibility that the films created by the VODs could not participate in the film awards was eliminated, being Rome Netflix a clear example. If Apple opts for this path, it must Respect the window required by movie theaters, 90 days, a period of exclusivity that must be met before they can be available on demand.

Although not always, Netflix occasionally releases some of its movies in cinemas. This model could be a problem for a new streaming video service, as is Apple. The most logical thing is to attract our subscribers through their content and try to retain them as long as possible.

However, if we consider that Apple gives a subscription year to all those who buy an iPhone, iPad or Mac, it seems that from Cupertino They are in no hurry to turn this new service into one that is profitable and generate a lot of revenue for the company as if it has achieved as much as Apple Music, as with iCloud and probably now also with Apple Arcade.

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