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Apple launches iOS 13.2 Beta with Deep Fusion and many more news

A day later than expected, Apple has just launched the first iOS 13.2 Beta for developers and for users registered in Apple's Public Beta program. This new version brings one of the most anticipated features of the new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro: Deep Fusion, an image processing system that promises to improve the camera of the new iPhone.

But it's not just that they have kept this important change in the camera, there are more improvements like Siri reading you the messages they send you when you have the AirPods on, transfer what you are listening from iPhone to HomePod, new icons in the Control Center volume control, accessory grouping options in HomneKit, etc. We tell you everything below.

Deep Fusion is a camera function of the new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro that Apple announced in its Keynote presentation, and that will help the photographs we take have better results in non-optimal lighting conditions. It is that the iPhone will capture several photos when making a capture, and combine them to get a single image in which all the elements are seen in as much detail as possible. We will have to test it to see if the results are as promising as claimed in the Keynote.

But there are many other improvements, such as the Handoff to HomePod. When you're listening to something on your iPhone and you get home you will only have to touch the HomePod with the iPhone so that what you hear is passed to the Apple speaker, without having to navigate the menus to do AirPlay or anything similar. We will also have the possibility that Siri will read you the messages you receive when you wear the AirPods. And something that HomeKit users were waiting for: to be able to group or ungroup the accessories in HomeKit, which will allow those accessories that make several measurements and appear grouped into one, we can only ungroup them to see the complete information. We will continue testing the Beta to see what's new.

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Apple launches iOS 13.2 Beta with Deep Fusion and many more news
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