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8 tricks and functions to handle Android like a pro

More than 85% of the phones that were sold in 2017 had the same protagonist: Android. The operating system developed by Google dominates the market without problems thanks to its presence in devices manufactured by brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi or Alphabet's own company.

One of the most outstanding features of this operating system is the ease of use, learning to master an Android phone is quite simple. If you don't settle for that advanced level, we challenge you to know other tricks and functions of Android to handle it like a real professional.

8 tricks and functions to handle Android like a pro

Activate the alarm an with the mobile off

It is normal for you to believe that your mobile alarms will not sound if it is turned off. However, you should know that in recent Android devices the alarm works even if it is not on. Thus, you can save a battery overnight and wake up at the time you owe.

In some cases, the terminal itself will show you an option to keep the alarm on next to the Shut down button. In this way, you can sleep peacefully knowing that the mobile will be there to let you know when the time comes.

Use the shortcuts in the notification bar

The notification bar does not matter just because of that detail, the appearance of notifications; also It is key to quickly access the settings of the functions it collects.

When you swipe down from the top of the screen, you see buttons that allow you to enable or disable airplane mode, mobile data, or location. Do not just use them just for that, take advantage also that they are shortcuts to the functions themselves. For example, press the Bluetooth button for a few seconds to directly access its menu. Thus, you save time by not having to enter Settings> Connections> Bluetooth.

Android tricks for professional

Quickly change from one app to another

One of the most unknown tricks of Android is the one that allows you to switch between recent apps with just two touches. That's right, you can avoid opening the open applications menu playing twice in a row on the recent apps button which, depending on the mobile, be located in the lower right or left corner. Do it and see how your phone returns to the app you had previously opened.

Your screen doesn't work? Use the mouse

Just as you can connect a braille display to your Android – a trick that Google itself gave you – you can also use the mouse when your device's screen is broken. What you need for this is an OTG cable, which allows you to connect the mouse -USB- with your phone or tablet -micro USB-.

Join the two devices so that a pointer appears on the screen And that's it, you can use the mouse to navigate through the terminal. Remember that a click serves as a touch on the screen and pressing the mouse button is the same as a long press.

Shortcuts within app shortcuts

If you have a device with Android Nougat or higher, you can save even more time when interacting with apps. We talk about the shortcuts that appear through the app's own shortcuts. Enter the menu and click on the Twitter icon, for example. You can see that it appears a pop-up menu with several options that offer you direct access to functions of the social network.

App shortcuts on Android

The thing does not stop because, if you press on one of those functions, it will become another shortcut that you can place anywhere on the screen. In this way, with just a few keystrokes, you can directly use the most important functions of the app, without having to navigate through it. Unfortunately, these shortcuts are not available for all apps.

Protect notifications on the lock screen

Notifications are a good tool to know when there is news in the apps you use. But nevertheless, they can become a double-edged sword if you let its content be too visible. Imagine that some WhatsApp messages with compromised content appear on your lock screen, they will be available to anyone who activates the phone screen.

To avoid these problems, it is best to enable notifications on the lock screen, but hide the content of them. To do this, you must enter Settings> Lock screen> Notifications and activate the Hide content option. From that moment, you see that you have received messages on WhatsApp, but not its content.

Lock screen content on Android

A widget to recognize songs

In addition to the well-known function of Google Assistant to recognize songs, or apps like Shazam, Android phones have a widget that performs the same function. To install it on your screen, you must press and hold anywhere on it and select Widgets. Then, click on Google to find Sound Search, a button that you can place wherever you want.