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+100 Microsoft Word Tools, Functions and Shortcuts [15/05/2019]

There are many Microsoft Word tools, functions and shortcuts, but not all people know them, then we share the most important. Revised and updated on 05/15/2019.

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What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is a app softwarewith which you can process texts, which was created by Microsoft and currently from the most used when working with digital documents.

Word Tools

Start tab in Word It is where the main tools of this text editor are located. The ones that are most frequently used are listed, such as fonts, typeface, paragraph settings, writing style or editing tools.

  • Clipboard It offers the option of using different kinds of copying, both traditional or format. It is also possible to connect and use a sin or a special bond.
  • Source It is a section where you will find all the Word tools that are linked to the typeface. You can then change the typeface, highlight, resize, use italics, bold, etc.
  • Paragraph The options to adjust the work in the full text paragraphs are found here. Therefore you can work with alignments, bleeds, two lines, numbers, lists, order, etc.
  • Styles It is a section to apply pre-defined styles to the text. It is an important utility to save a lot of work time.
  • Edition It is the area to make use of text selection, replacement and search options.

Pestaa Insert in Word It is the section where you can find the solutions to insert elements in the file. Therefore, you can work with tables, graphics, illustrations, new pages, hyperlinks, footers, headings, flash files, symbols and the popular Word Art.

  • Pages It is a section from where you can insert blank pages for the document, pre-defined page breaks and home portal.
  • Boards Allow tables to be added to the file. They can be created from scratch or make use of a predesigned table. If you want, it is possible to insert a table from Excel.
  • Illustrations Section with tools to add images, shapes, graphics and schemas that are called SmartArt.
  • Links You can include links to the file, where your hyperlinks can be other documents or to a website.
  • Header and footer Allows headers, footers or numberings of different types to be added to the document.
  • Text It is the option that allows text boxes to be inserted so that they can move freely on the sheet, as well as dates, signatures and WordArt.
  • Symbol It has the possibility of inserting symbols of equations or the traditional ones.

Pestaa Page Design in Word They are all the tools to modify the design of the document page. You can change the theme of the page, its physical configuration, apply a background, modify the organization of the elements, spacing or bleeding.

  • Themes One aspect can be chosen for the entire document. Maybe predefined or if you want to set it custom.
  • Page Settings All tools are available to change the size of the page, margin, orientation, columns and more.
  • Page background You can leave blank to add a color or an image. If you want, you can add a watermark.
  • Paragraph You can change the bleeding and spacing of the paragraphs. Here they apply to the entire document.
  • Organize It has options to group you can group, alignments, move images back or forth, etc.

Pestaa References in Word It is the section where all the tools are available to insert all kinds of references in the document. In this case we work with footnotes, titles, quotes, indexes, etc.

  • Table of Contents It is commonly known as index.
  • Footnotes They are used to make clarifications were at the end of the page or the document.
  • Appointments and bibliography Allows sources to be added to the file to document it.
  • Titles It helps to add titles to the page.
  • Authorities Table It allows authorities to be cited to support the content of the file.

Pestaa Correspondence in Word Here are all the tools available to expedite a correspondence process. It is possible to create different copies for several senders automatically.

Check in Word It is the section with all the basic tools for the correction of the text or the document. It is key to correct the spelling, search synonyms, make translations or protect the file.

Pestaa Vista in Word It is the tab where the tools are linked to the display of the document. You can choose between hiding the screen, changing the view of the document, zooming in and setting a window setting.

Pestaa Programmer / Developer in Word Tools to automate tasks and processes are available. In this case, more advanced knowledge is required in comparison with the other tools and according to the result that is to be obtained. It is very likely that knowledge of programming.

Can you customize the Word toolbar?

S it is possible to customize the Word toolbar, so there is no inconvenience.

From the version of Word 2013 you can go to the option Archive then in Options and finally in Customize Ribbon.

In this section, all available options will be opened to modify the tabs that have been described in the previous section according to the interest of each person. It is only necessary to choose the tab in which you want to work and drag each of the elements where you want to have them available.

Microsoft tools Word 2010

One of the main novelties of Word 2010 is that it was adapted to be used from mobile phones, of course including all the functions that are already known from this popular text editor. Also the work simultaneously with other people and the visual effects for the document were retouched.

Microsoft tools Word 2013

Among the tools of Word 2013, its optimization to share content on the Internet, work on the same document from different computers or from the mobile phone, a smarter spell checker or mark the last point from which the file is visited stands out.

Microsoft tools Word 2016

In Word 2016 the tools were modified, highlighting in this respect a better integration with mobile devices, functions optimized to comment on the documents, a learning program to adapt to the tastes of each user, more customization options and an interface that unifies between other programs in the Office suite.

Most used shortcuts in Microsoft Word

CTRL + N: Apply bold to selected text or activate bold

CTRL + K: Apply italic to selected text or activate italic

CTRL + S: Apply underline to selected text or Save

CTRL + C: Copy

CTRL + X: Cut

CTRL + V: Paste

CTRL + Z: Undo last action

CTRL + Y: Redo last action

Shortcuts to work with files from Microsoft Word

F7: Check spelling and grammar

CTRL + U: Create a new document

CTRL + A: Open a document

CTRL + R: Close a document

CTRL + G: Save as

CTRL + B: Search for

CTRL + L: Replace

CTRL + P: To print

CTRL + T: Center a paragraph

CTRL + J: Justify a paragraph

CTRL + Q: Align a paragraph to the left

CTRL + D: Align a paragraph to the right

Design shortcuts of Microsoft Word page

CTRL + H or Tab: Tabulate a paragraph to the left

CTRL + 1: Define a simple line spacing

CTRL + 2: Define a double spacing

CTRL + 5: Define a 1.5 line spacing

CTRL + 0: Add or delete spaces before a paragraph

CTRL + Delete: Delete one word to the left

CTRL + Delete: Delete one word to the right

CTRL + Enter: Insert a page break

CTRL + F4: Close the active window

Other shortcuts from Microsoft Word

CTRL + F12: Show the Open dialog box

CTRL + SHIFT + 1, 2 4: Change the format of the selected text to Title 1, 2, 3 or 4

CTRL + <: Decrease font size

CTRL + SHIFT +>: Increase font size

CTRL + SHIFT + Arrows: Select until the end of a word

CTRL + ALT + Point: Insert ellipses

CTRL + SHIFT + U: Change letters to uppercase or lowercase

CTRL + SHIFT + L: Apply small caps

CTRL + SHIFT + R: Remove tabulation from a paragraph

CTRL + SHIFT + I: Apply list with vietas

ALT + CTRL + D: Switch to Print Design view

ALT + CTRL + E: Switch to Outline view

ALT + CTRL + N: Switch to Normal view

ALT + CTRL + I: Enable or disable Preview

ALT + CTRL + O: Insert a footnote

ALT + CTRL + C: Insert the copyright symbol

ALT + CTRL + R: Insert the registered trademark symbol

ALT + CTRL + T: Insert the trademark symbol

SHIFT + F3: Change uppercase or lowercase

SHIFT + Enter: Insert a line break

SHIFT + Right arrow: Select a character on the right

SHIFT + Left arrow: Select a character on the left

SHIFT + End: Select until the end of a line

SHIFT + Home: Select to the beginning of a line

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