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You can now buy the new Apple Watch Nike Series 5

After the launch of the Apple Watch Series 4, it was a small renovation Looking forward to this year, and I say small because last year we already saw a (slight) change in the design, and little else had to be changed … This year they wanted to improve the screen, among other things, a screen that we can now always have on thanks to the new efficiency technology that it carries.

And now after almost a month since its launch, now We can get the new Apple Watch Series 5 Nike, the Apple Watch sports model of the Cupertino chic @ s. After the jump we give you all the details of this new release.

As we say, we have available in the Apple Store the new Apple Watch Series 5 Nike version, the Apple smartwatch “sponsored” by the famous sports brand. A Nike Apple Watch that has been released later than the original model, and that could be reserved to start receiving it from October 4. It brings the same as the original Series 5 only that it brings with it exclusive straps (which you can also get in the Apple Store), In addition to new areas that we can combine with our Nike sports equipment.

The latest collection of Nike spheres arrives, including one inspired by the colors of the classic Windrunner jacket. And with the new Retina display always active, you won't even have to lift your wrist to wear them.

Of course, if you want to get this new Apple Watch Nike you will have to wait until mid-October as long as you buy it from the Apple Store online, if you approach a physical store of the brand of the apple you may get it without waiting Until a few weeks. If I tell you about my experience, for haste or for not having been available, I have never bought a Nike version of the Apple Watch, yes, in my view if you have the possibility to choose between one and another choose this Apple Watch Nike since you will have additional spheres to the original Apple Watch, everything is welcome … By the way, they have the same price …

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You can now buy the new Apple Watch Nike Series 5
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