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Why is Diablo Immortal taking so long?

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We've been waiting for official news about Diablo Immortal since its announcement on BlizzCon last year, and the last thing we knew was the game is already fully developed and that is pending the approval of Blizzard.

Much has been rumored about a possible launch in the BlizzCon week this year, however we don't have any official confirmation. Rumors about its possible cancellation have also been heard, but it seems very unlikely.

Reasons for delay

There may be some reasons that are delaying the arrival of one of the most anticipated games more than expected. These are the options we are considering:

  • The game is ready and its scheduled launch, they are just waiting for BlizzCon. It is the most probable cause why Blizzard has not commented on Diablo Immortal, BlizzCon is just around the corner and the most important changes and functions of the game are reserved to present it in style.
  • They are making important changes. The game is developed by NetEase and it is possible that after sending it to Blizzard to review it, they will find errors or failures and are trying to correct them. Diablo Immortal is a very complete game with a story worked and with unique characters, any touch-up could take a long time.
  • The game is in neutral. Another possibility, practically inconceivable, is that they have simply parked Diablo Immortal to focus on other titles, but this is impossible seeing the potential market and the almost assured success that Diablo Immortal will have.

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No need to worry, surely if Blizzard has delayed the launch of Diablo Immortal is for some good reason and for the sake of the game and the players. Now only left wait for BlizzCon this year, which will be held on November 1 and 2, we will surely have news.

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