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What they are and how they can be known

Google Photos

At present, the most normal thing is that we take pictures using our Android phone. The cameras on the phones have improved significantly, allowing us to use them in all kinds of situations. Each photo we take has a series of important data about it. Among them we find the Exif data, which probably sounds like some of you.

Do youWhat is really the Exif data of a photo? We tell you all about this data below. We also leave you with the way in which we can access these easily from our Android phone. We can do it without installing third-party applications.

What is the Exif data of a photo

Redmi Note 7 photo detail

Exif data really responds to EXchangeable Image File. It is a series of data that store information associated with each of the photos we have taken with the camera of our phone. This information refers to various aspects, which we tell you below. Thanks to this data we can know a little more about the way in which this photo was taken.

Exif data is divided into four sections, so to speak. Since they leave us with information on four aspects of this photo. What we can know when we check this data is the following:

  • Data about the camera: Model, manufacturer or serial number thereof
  • Data on the shot: Exposure time, aperture, the use of flash or not, ISO sensitivity, etc.
  • Information about the photograph: The resolution of the photo, the dimensions, if it is the original photo or its size has been trimmed or modified
  • Data on the origin: Date and time of when it was made or the presence of copyright.

It therefore gives us enough information about a particular photo. All photos taken with a smartphone have this Exif data. Although it is information that we do not usually access. In fact, in most cases it is completely unknown way we can access to this information on Android. But there is a very simple method.

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Access this data

Exif photo data

If you plan to find the Exif data of a photo you have taken on Android, there is a method that is especially simple. We can use some applications, such as editing photos, to access this information. But if you don't have any of these apps installed on your phone, then it's not really worth it. Although there is an app that we normally have installed on the phone, which allows us this.

We can use Google Photos to access this data Exif of any photo Therefore, if you have the application on your Android phone, it will be a very useful option. The only thing to do in this regard is to go to a photo that has been taken with the phone and we have already saved in the application. So in a matter of seconds we can see this data on the phone screen.

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You have to open Google Photos on our Android phone. Next we have to go only to a specific photo that we are looking for. Inside the photo we click on the three vertical dots in the upper right, so that a contextual menu appears. Among the options that appear in that menu is the information. A new window will open in the app.

Then, under the photo we can see all the data on this image. In this way we always have access to Exif data. of each photo we have taken with the camera of the phone. It may be interesting to see some photos that are similar, to see if we have used a different configuration in the camera, since in this way we know which configuration is most interesting to us at that time. What do you think about this trick?