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Urgently operated after an ECG with your Apple Watch

A new story with a happy ending is that offered by the well-known medium The Sun, this time it is a young man who after having performed an electrocardiogram (ECG) with his Apple Watch notified him an atrial fibrillation (AF). At that time what is recommended is to go directly to the doctor to confirm this symptom and finally it was.

The doctor who attended him was somewhat skeptical of the results that Chris Mint himself showed him, but once the relevant tests were performed, this problem was confirmed and Mint was successfully operated within a few hours. The doctors themselves affirmed that if not for this operation the patient I could have suffered a stroke or heart attack.

The Cupertino company itself showed several cases in which the Apple Watch was being a key piece for people and their health in the keynote of the iPhone 11. The company warns that in case of doubt you always have to go to the doctor since the watch is not a medical device as such, but it is true that thanks to this we can detect problems such as the one happened to this young man of 30 years who was finally operated by emergency specialists to solve a problem detected in his heart.

Having the option of performing an ECG when we feel bad or at any time offers a plus of security to the users of the watch, but we must not rely solely on what the watch tells us and in case of feeling bad we have to go to the doctor . It is always good to have the possibility of performing an ECG or seeing the daily keystrokes that the Apple Watch collects, but Medical check-ups cannot be done.

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