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Ultra Wireless Bluetooth headphones, new rival of the Sony 1000XM3

The offer of Bluetooth headphones It does not stop growing. Firms specializing in sound products know that this product is becoming more fashionable, especially considering that more and more mobile bet on eliminating headphone output. And yes, the Sony 1000XM3 are the kings of the market, but Soul Electronics has just presented a cheap alternative that surpasses the Japanese firm in terms of autonomy.

We talk about the ultra wireless bluetooth headphones from Soul Electronics, a product that has an attractive design, technical characteristics more than enough to offer a great sound landscape, although it cannot rival the exquisite listening experience offered by the Sony 1000XM3. That s, in terms of battery, there is no one who surpasses him.

Ultra Wireless bluetooth headphones have 36 hours of autonomy

More than anything because Soul Electronics' new Ultra Wireless wireless headphones offer nothing more and nothing less than 36 hours of autonomy. 6 ms than the Sony 1000XM3, because they are an excellent alternative for those users looking for a scandal battery.

To this, we must add his bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, so we can enjoy a stability of the seal more than enough to enjoy any song without worrying about anything. To this, we must add its 40mm neodymium controllers, to offer a quite achieved listening experience.

Ultra Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

All framed in a body made of aluminum and polycarbonate, which includes a built-in microphone to make and answer calls, in addition to buttons on the helmets that allow you to control different parameters of these bluetooth headphones from Soul Electronics.

But the best comes with its price: the new ones wireless headphones Ultra Wireless from the Miami-based firm, reaching the market at a price of about 60 euros to change, available in silver or blue. Obviously, it has some great shortcomings, especially due to the fact that it has no noise cancellation system, a great detail to take into account.

Although, counting its 40 mm drivers, which guarantee that the auditory experience is quite complete, not to mention the fact that it has one of the best autonomous of the market for a product of this type, in addition to its groundbreaking price, we are facing One of the best solutions. Moreover, if you are looking for cheap bluetooth headphones, which offer solvent sound quality and have an inexhaustible battery.

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