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Twitter plans to fight fake accounts with this new feature

One of the biggest problems of those who suffer from social networks is impersonation. More than one has happened to this and the truth must be quite annoying that someone wants to impersonate you and do what he wants in your name.

Currently, measures have already begun to be implemented in which a large number of accounts have even been deleted, but apparently it is still not enough.

Twitter is undoubtedly one of those affected by this problem and is already trying a new function than being a start to end this completely. Original Tweeter It is a feature that allows us to distinguish and thus know who is the original author of a tweet both in the post and in the responses made in it.

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This new feature was launched for a small group of users on iOS and Android for their test phase. On all this the Director of Product Management of Twitter said about it:

The purpose of Twitter is to serve the public conversation. As part of this work, we are exploring adding more context to the discussions by highlighting relevant responses, such as those from the Original Tweeter.

At the moment this feature only allows to know who owns the tweets and it is thought that the social network should be more rigorous with verified accounts and of course with the changes that allow users to make in their profiles such as name or photo change Profile.

It is certainly a beginning to combat phishing, hopefully it will develop better over time. What do you think of this action by Twitter? We await your response in the comment box below.

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