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Twitter closes thousands of fake news accounts in Spain, Ecuador and other countries


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  • Twitter dropped thousands of profiles that only sought to install themes artificially

  • Eliminations are the product of a job of almost a year

  • The party of Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno and the PP of Spain, among those involved

Twitter's effort to monitor and eliminate false and hateful content from its platform took a step forward this Friday: the company's security team co-founded by Jack Dorsey revealed that Eliminate 10,112 accounts in six passes to discover that actively disseminate erroneous information and foster disturbances in politically sensitive scenarios.

Among the accounts there are about 4,000 United Arab Emirates and China, more than 1,000 in Ecuador and another 259 in Spain, Twitter reported in his blog.

“The eliminations are the product of a work of almost a year to identify and eliminate accounts that are spreading erroneous political information with the purpose of changing public sentiment, something that has a powerful impact beyond simply bothering with social networks, including democratic processes, such as elections or referendums, ”says the social network in its statement.

This elimination adds to another one that covered 4,500 accounts in Russia and a larger one, when it suspended 200,000 profiles in China that were destined to sow discord in Hong Kong.


Fake news on Twitter from Spain and Ecuador

In the case of Spain, Twitter says that the Popular Party was identified by operating about 259 accounts that "Falsely increased public sentiment online in Spain".

In EcuadorMeanwhile, 1,019 accounts were deleted related to the political party Alliance PAIS. "The network of mainly false accounts was dedicated to disseminating positive content on the administration of President Lenin Moreno, focusing on issues related to Ecuadorian laws on freedom of expression, censorship of government and technology."

The most used tactics were:

  • ‘Hashtags’ handling
  • and the forwarding of ‘spam’

Another 270 “interconnected” accounts originating in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt were closed after detecting that it was “a multi-faceted information operation directed mainly against Qatar and other adversaries such as Irn,” says El Espectador.

It also suspended 4,200 accounts that "operated exclusively from the United Arab Emirates, primarily aimed at Qatar and Yemen."

These accounts published false information about the war in Yemen, where Riyadh militarily assists the government since 2015 in the fight against the Hute rebels, supported by Irn.

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