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Top 6 Shazam alternatives for Android and iOS

I heard an incredible song on the radio or in a club but I can't seem to remember the name or the letter, so I can find the song? Well, most likely you used Shazam to identify the song. While there are several ways to identify the songs, Shazam has to be the most popular solution. Although Shazam is definitely an excellent application to identify music, it has a lot of problems. First, the application is packed with so many features that it can literally cause even the most powerful smartphones to be delayed at times. Honestly, for starters, you may not even find all those useful features. So, if you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use application to identify the songs that are around you, here are our 6 best Shazam alternative apps that can run for your money :

1. SoundHound – Discovery of music and hands-free player

The first application on any list you say "main alternatives to Shazam" It must be SoundHound. He is Shazam's greatest rival and any argument about which application is best is never resolved unanimously. SoundHound allows you to go hands free and simply say: "OK Hound … what is this song?" And the application recognize the song for you. Can also touch the orange button to identify songs and watch lyrics live, play the video, share, stream or buy the track. You can ask questions like "What is Taylor Swift's last song?" And even hum the song if it is stuck in your head, all hands free and the application identify the song.

With SoundHound, you can add songs to Spotify and also search, discover and play music easily. Letters, weekly songs, videos and artists, musicians, artist biographies, etc. They are many of the other features of SoundHound.

Download SoundHound: Android (Free); iOS (free)

2. Genius – Lyrics and ms

Genius is also one of the most popular and best rated applications to identify a song. Not only can you identify the song for yourself, but which also show the lyrics and the official music video (if available). Once you identify the song, you can choose to share it through other applications or play it directly on your phone using Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

Genius also allows you to keep your account on the platform, with which you can Interact with others. You can share your discovery or meet other tracks and new albums. In addition to that, you can also use Genius to review the main tracks and play them directly through the application of your choice.

Download Genius: Android (Free); iOS (free)

3. Musicxmatch – Lyrics for your music

Musicxmatch by definition is a music player, but it is also able to identify music among other things. Its main feature is to provide letters and boasts of having one of the largest database of letters in the market. To identify music, you must touch " Identify letters "And the application simply identifies the song for you. It is incredibly fast in identifying the music and also provides you with live lyrics of the song being played, so you can sing. Apart from all this, you can also create LyricCards and explore artist biographies, including the latest and best songs.

Download Musixmatch: Android (Free); iOS (free)

4. MusicID

MusicID, one of the best music identification applications that may shame even Shazam at its best. The song identification is fast And all you have to do is touch the microphone button on the application to get started. Once identified, the application will provide you with full details of the song and also YouTube videos and similar songs . You can buy the song from the application itself through iTunes or Amazon and share the song information with friends. It has a mess-free interface and the perfect combination of options available to the user, far from it.

Download MusicID: Android (Free); iOS (free)

5. Soly – Lyrics and song search engine

Soly alone its T available on Android, but it is one of the best Shazam alternatives there is now. The application, as you can see, has a Simple and colorful interface. As soon as you open the application, see the option to "Identify" The song in the center. Touch that, and Soly will connect to the ACRCloud database to get the result for you.

After identifying the song, Soly will give you the option to listen to it on YouTube or share it with your friends and family through other third-party applications. You also get other options like letter search engine, letter generator and more, but they are not as effective as Soly's song identification function. Finally, we would like to point out that you will have to put up with many ads while using Soly. So, if you are someone who hates watching ads, this may not be the application for you.

Download Soly: Android (Free)

6. Assistant Google and Siri

Yes, these are not necessarily applications, but both digital assistants are quite good at this job. In fact, they are so reliable that you don't even have to install a separate application to identify the music that is being played.

To use your digital assistant to identify a song, simply wake up your assistant and say something like: What song is playing? And attendees will do their best to find it in an instant. We tried both to Siri as a Google Assistant to identify some of the last clues, and we got some positive results. So, if you don't want to install a separate application to identify songs, put your digital assistants to work.

Some great applications like Shazam for easy identification of music.

Unlike in the past, music identification applications like Shazam are as vital as decent music players. The ability to identify any song you have heard has become very easy and this has allowed people to discover great music. Shazam is and remains one of the best applications in this category, but all of our mentioned applications can provide good competition and, in some cases, even overcome it. The functions in addition to the identification of music should not be ignored, since it is fun to know the name of the song, but it is even better to have the lyrics, the video, the biography and much more, simply with a touch of distance.

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