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This is how Google Pixel 4 will work with gestures in the air

We still do not have a specific date for the presentation of the new flagship of Google, the Pixel 4 and yet we already know what it looks like because the same company officially published its new design, that yes, they did not specify in other data as resolutions of the camera, processor or storage.

The result of all this now is an uncertainty that we will face – and of course when – at the moment they decide to present these new smartphones. First of all Google has published a new clip that indicates that yes, the new Pixel will have the possibility of being controlled without touching it for some functions such as calls, activate the assistant, increase volume, etc.

Then I leave the video of how it would be the passage from one song to another:

I am sure that it can remind you somewhat of LG's proposal with its G8 ThinQ, but speaking of a giant like Google, the power of this function is likely to be much higher. Soli Project – for the control of devices by means of gestures in the air – It is the name that receives this function that is very likely to reach more Google devices after Pixel 4.

Ask me in the comment box that you think about this new function and if it represents the future for the management of smartphones. We are reading.

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This is how Google Pixel 4 will work with gestures in the air
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