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This illuminates the rear glass of the iPhone 11 when the flash is turned on

Since the first release iPhone we always had the fantasy of having the Apple apple illuminated, something we already saw in our Macs and that would undoubtedly be the hallmark of the Cupertino brand. That lighting never came but the desire caused the network to be flooded with tutorials that taught us to open our devices and get the apple to light up at home.

But it seems that the long-awaited lighting of our iPhone has come to reality … And is that if we have glass back covers and flashes how are they not going to be able to interact With the design of our device. Yes, it seems that the new iPhone 11 lights the glass back when we turn on the flash. After the jump we show you an amazing video that shows it …

You can do the test yourself. Turn on the flash of your iPhone and cover it with your finger or with adhesive tapeDo you notice how iPhone edges light up? Something obvious, now we have glass panels in which the device flash is integrated, there is no barrier that interferes between the flash itself and the glass panel. An effect that can be achieved in both the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro, but it is much more noticeable in the first one because it does not have the matt glass of the iPhone 11 Pro.

The color also influences and is the green color the most translucent of the color range of the new iPhone 11, and therefore it is with which the best effect is achieved. A normal physical effect that certainly gives a touch to your device. And now, would you think of leave the flash on and cover it with duct tape while you go out at night? it may sound very freak but I already tell you that there are many users on Reddit who are proposing it …

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