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These are the series that will be essential in the launch of Apple TV +

Composition of the main launch series of Apple TV +

In a few weeks, one of the future competitors Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or HBO make their debut in our country. Apple TV + get to our devices with the strength that gives him to be under the umbrella of Apple and, in addition, to have a group of actors, actresses, directors, producers and scriptwriters who will offer us really new and exciting stories. If you want know the highlights what can you see in this new streaming platform, here I leave you a summary Extensive of it.

In first placeI would like to highlight The morning show, one of the series with which Apple's entertainment platform wants get muscle, both for the money spent on the stars that appear on the screen, such as Jennifer Aniston, Reese witherspoon, Y Steve Carell, as per the staging. The plot a couple of presenters of a morning program that, after a dismissal, must recompose the image of the chain at all costs.

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Another series that I would like to highlight, and from the cul we have been able to see a new trailer recently is For all mankind. The premise The series is simple, but with a really exciting twist: What would have happened if the extinct USSR had been the first power to reach the Moon? After this starting point, history, according to what we have been able to know in the new breakthrough, place NASA in the search for its own historic milestone, trying to be the first country to put a woman in front of a space mission and return to our great satellite.

Apple does not stop here. If you liked the previous proposals, then you will have to see if they fulfill what was promised, also to interest you what Apple has to tell us See. This production, with Jason Momoa at the head, we place a far future where humanity, the little that remains of it, roams the world without the power of sight. However, when some children are born with this virtue, they will be unleashed a war among those who seek to protect them at all costs, against those who see evil in that recovered gift. The staging, so far, is the most spectacular that we can see on the platform.

We continue with the original television series Apple TV + and, in this case, I would like to highlight the new work, I think it is your first foray into the television world, of M. Night Shyamalan. The teacher of modern suspense wants to put the spiky hairs with a title directed and written by himself and titled Servant. With a couple of small trailers already available, we know that this series will explore the experiences of a young couple to understand that they exist powerful inexplicable forces They can put their idyllic life in check. Terror, suspense and a scary production are guaranteed with this series.

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Finally, which is not a matter of highlighting everything that Apple offers us in a few weeks, I would like you to know the Emily Dickinson's story, one of the American poets who has managed to cross borders throughout the decades and centuries. On this occasion, Dickinson transport us to the time when the North American writer I was a teenager and, with a fantastic tone to evoke a rebel in the United States of XIX century, his literary skills began to surface.

Of course, many ms series, movies and documentaries they will have us entertained for months, hopefully years with Apple TV +, but this has been a sample of magnificent road Apple has prepared us with its commitment to a streaming platform of a extraordinary level. You already know that yes shopping an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or Apple TV of last generation, you will have the free subscription on duty for a full year.