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These are the changes to the fighting between Pokmon Go coaches

Do you play Pokmon Go? Then pending, because this post may be for you. And the last update of this game brought several changes to coaches fighting. So continue reading so you know what all these changes were.

This time the changes have been in three parts: modifications to existing attacks, including new attacks and Pokmon that can learn new movements.

What has changed in the fighting between trainers of Pokmon Go?

What has changed in the fighting between Pokmon Go coaches

Despite the departure and success of Pokmon Masters, Pokmon Go has managed to maintain. New raids, the inclusion of Pokmon from the region of Teselia, Team Go Rocket and, now, changes to fighting between coaches.

Remember that these changes are extremely important because they can affect your team?s Pokmon, either improving or damaging them. So watch out for this.

At first have improved the system to make the fighting between coaches and the Team GO Rocket matches more intuitive and flexible:

  • They perfected the synchronization of the inflicted damage and charged energy.
  • Now the a Pokmon's health bar blink briefly When I receive damage.

Changes to existing attacks in Pokmon Go

Pokmon Go changes to attacks

  • Bubble ray: Now reduce the attack of the opponent Pokmon in one phase.
  • Puo Increase: Puo Increment damage has been reduced.
  • Psychic: inflict more damage and can be used before in Gyms, raids and Coach Fights. In addition, it reduces the defense of the opposing Pokmon.
  • Howl: corrected a mistake; now Alarido regenerates energy more clearly among the fast attacks of the Sinister type.

New attacks for Pokmon Go

They have included new attacks, but beware that not all the Pokémon in the game can learn them:

  • Lightning Fang: a fast attack of the electric type.
  • Fang Ice: a fast Ice-type attack.

Fang Lightning It can be learned by Arcanine, Steelix, Mightyena and Hippowdon. While Fang Ice It can be learned by Suicune, Mightyena, Mawile, Hippowdon and Drapion.

On the other hand, the damage ofFang Gneo to match the damage done by Fang Lightning and Fang Ice.

Pokmon that can learn new attacks

  • Alola Raichu: now you can learn Impactruene.
  • Alola Sandslash: now you can learn Puo Ice.
  • Alola Ninetales: now you can learn Charm.
  • Golduck: now you can learn Lightning Bubble, Synchroruid and Crosshead.
  • Alola Marowak: now you can learn Fire Spin and Fire Wheel.
  • Mantine: now you can learn Bubble ray.
  • Mawile: now you can learn Fang Gneo, Fang Ice and Puo Increment.
  • Weavile: now you can learn Howl.

For now these are the changes to the Pokmon fights that has brought version 0.157.0 of Pokmon Go. There are several, so we recommend that you try them all and see which of these affect your equipment and which do not.

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